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Live updates ACFAOM 2011 Orlando

Discussion in 'Conferences' started by Simon Spooner, Oct 23, 2011.

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    Ok another early start 05:30. Taxi to gatwick. Observation: why are so many airport staff quite frankly the most charmless people on the planet? Next stop the US of A.
  2. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Taxi from Plymouth to Gatwick???

  3. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    I think he's trying to be tactful. What he really means is he had his chauffeur take him ;)
  4. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Pam and I are already here in Orlando. We got in last night and rented a condo close to Disney World for the five days before the seminar begins. We plan on doing a little rest and relaxation before the seminar.....will visit some of the attractions here on the days before the seminar.

    As for the seminar later this week, Simon and Bruce Williams will be joining me for two half days of lectures and workshops on biomechanics and sports medicine. Here is the lecture schedule we came up with. Should be a good one!

    We're waiting for you Simon! Safe travels!

    ACFAOM 2011 Annual Clinical Conference Brochure
  5. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Taxi was from southamptn. Now in Charlotte airport awaiting flight to Orlando.
  6. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Welcome to Disney World, Orlando. We had a wonderful day here in the Magical Kingdom. Saw lots of potential plantar fasciitis patients.........maybe "Mickey-thotics" will be the next big thing here??:rolleyes:

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  7. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    We just got to the Hilton hotel. It's now 8:00pm local time, the equivalent of 2:00am on Monday morning back in Southampton. I've got a very tired six year old who's been up for 21 hours now. I'm feeling a bit peaky myself.
  8. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Here are some of the wild animals we encountered at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando yesterday.

    Attached Files:

  9. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    We did Magic Kingdom yesterday. Grace is now really into roller-coasters. I can't get the smell of "candy" out of my nose. Off to Universal Studios today.
  10. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Today's adventure was Disney's Epcot Center. Beautiful day with lots to see.

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  11. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    We hung out today at Downtown Disney in Orlando, doing lots of shopping and getting together with Simon and his family.

    Simon's daughter, Grace, was making friends with a couple of Lego dogs at Downtown Disney.

    All the while, Simon was getting Jedi training from Master Yoda preparing himself for the big conference in a few days.

    Attached Files:

  12. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Spooner's at it again.....while sitting at the pool....and after a few beers....he starts drawing pictures of subtalar joint axes with different CoP positions....and then he starts doing "the Spooner" (one hand out in front of him with him talking all the while).

    We discussed "hyperpronation" vs "excessive pronation" as terminology. We also discussed the term "stability" and how it has different meanings to describe joints vs gait....lots of atoms split this afternoon.

    The lectures start bright and early tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM.:drinks

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  13. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    OK, never, ever, ever buy an apple computer. So I turn up nice and early to get set for the day. Everything works when I plug into the house system except none of my videos will run. Long story short, me and the techs spent 1.5 hours trying everything we could think of to no avail. I do my first lecture without the videos. During the coffee break a podiatrist from the audience who knows apples said try turning off one of the two graphics cards in my computer (I didn't even know you could do that)- works sweet, videos run and the rest of the show goes to plan.

    Overall, I think the biomechanics sessions went well and seemed to be well received.

    Great to see Ray Anthony and Daryl Phillips in the audience!

    Ray was asking me about Robeer during the break.... he likes your writing in Podiatry Now, Rob.

    This afternoon we did the pool thing again, I got some great video of Dr Kirby demonstrating moments of inertia in a pool tube which I'll post on youtube when I get home. I didn't know whether to call a life-guard or throw my washing in.

    P.S. I got the acronym in the title of this thread wrong, it should be ACFAOM, if Mike or Craig could change the thread title, that would be just swell (see, I been in the States too long).
  14. Lab Guy

    Lab Guy Well-Known Member

    Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    I am lucky to attend the meeting and it was great listening to Master Kirby, Spooner and Williams. All three are excellent speakers and teachers. I look forward to the workshops Saturday.

  15. Re: Live updates AFCAOM 2011 Orlando

    Title changed for you and look forward to the Moments of inertia Video
  16. Actually, the video better demonstrates the principle of Conservation of Angular Momentum with Changes in Moment of Inertia, but more importantly, that "Boys Just Want to Have Fun".
  17. When the party was over last night we set up a basketball court in the exhibition area and Kevin acted as a bad influence for my daughter.... again:D

    P.S. if you are an exhibitor and reading this, the fact that the perimeter barrier may not be quite straight this morning has absolutely nothing to do with us. In fact I didn't even see a perimeter barrier, I wasn't even there, so I don't know why I even mentioned this;)
  18. We did the workshops. On a scale of one to weird, how weird do you think it was for me to demonstrate stj axis palpation with Kevin in the audience? Very strange indeed.
  19. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Weird with a capital WEIR
  20. And here is proof that Simon was doing demonstrations of not only subtalar joint axis palpation but also of supination resistance at the ACFAOM conference. Daryl Phillips and Ray Anthony were also in the audience....a pretty intense workshop with all those guys in one small room....it was great!

    And yes, Simon, you performed both techniques perfectly....you are a fantastic teacher. I'm proud to call you my colleague and friend!

    Attached Files:

  21. Other highlights from our biomechanics workshop:

    Bruce Williams did a great workshop with Tekscan on the in-shoe F-Scan pressure insole and software system and also on foot manipulation.

    Richard Stess, inventor of the STS casting sock system, came all the way out from California to demonstrate his casting sock system for foot orthoses and AFOs.

    Ray Anthony, author of one of the few books on orthosis manufacture (Anthony, Raymond: The Manufacture and Use of the Functional Foot Orthosis. Karger, Basel, 1991.), former owner of RX labs and creator of the Biomechanics Summer School was also in the audience, from the Cayman Islands.

    What a great workshop and audience!

    Attached Files:

  22. I've been lucky to have an excellent teacher.

    No kidding. Some sharp people in that room this morning.

    I think it would be great to organise a proper "think tank". Forget the Vasyli thing, I'm talking proper round table discussions with the best possible crew on board. Film it, publish it, do what you want with it.

    Given the current state of affairs regarding biomechanics in the US, perhaps its time to re-invent the Root seminars for the 21st century Kevin? Perhaps, now that you are the "traditional" it's time for the "Kirby seminars"? No joke.

    What do people think?
  23. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    I think yes. Big yes.

    PS Looking dapper Spooner. Glad you are repping the Brits (and our sartorial elegance) stateside.
  24. I agree with IG be great - also with todays technology I could see it via the Internet.

    PS - Simon did not so impressed with Richard Stess casting sock.

    PPS- Say hello to Bruce Williams not that I have meet him , but hope he starts posting more again miss his contribution
  25. Gieves and Hawkes, Saville Row. http://www.gievesandhawkes.com/shop/

    I think we need to take this notion forward. A lot of people said that we should organise a conference where we just talk to one another following the Q and A session at Biomechanics Summer School this year.
  26. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Suspect this is what Simon had in mind when he mentioned recording it.

    Online seminars/conferences are most likely the future.

    Nice. You make Sinatra look like a hobo.
  27. blinda

    blinda MVP

    Already been done. It`s called Podiatry Arena....and it doesn`t cost 500 squid :rolleyes:
  28. I agree, but it's not the same as being in the same room, sat around a table.
  29. Actually, I thought it was very good. Ray Anthony told us he uses these exclusively now.
  30. Athol Thomson

    Athol Thomson Active Member

    Sounds brilliant! Being able to listen to a discussion between the gurus online would be superb.
  31. We arrived home mid-afternoon here in the UK, we set off from Florida mid-afternoon yesterday- I'm in clinic tomorrow AM.

    Anyway, I know Kevin will appreciate this. You know when you are on a long-haul flight and you've read everything in the pocket on the back of the chair? I actually read the aircraft safety information leaflet yesterday (along with the entire calorific contents of my sprite). I couldn't resist this....

    See if you can spot the American passenger likely to develop plantar fasciitis in this image.

    "This ride may not be suitable for all body-types" :morning:;):D

    Attached Files:

  32. All in all, we had a ball. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen. "all of this, all of this could be yours"- Vertigo U2

    Attached Files:

  33. Kickin' it old skool and minimalist in a pair of Onitsuka Tiger California (1978) and "loungin" in a tube, it's our hero... Genius, a heap full of fun and a very, very good friend, teacher and colleague; end of this story.

    Attached Files:

  34. OK, I lied. One last one. The two men who fundamentally sparked my interest in biomechanics and who are ultimately responsible for what I know now.
    Kevin Kirby and Daryl Phillips. I apologise for the quality of this photo, the combined mass of their intelligence was sucking in the light. The room we were in no longer exists, it imploded upon itself when it reached critical mass with Ray Anthony, Bret Ribotsky, Richard Stess, Stephen Albert, Bruce Williams and a team of other podiatrists all in the same room- boom! Hence we need the Kirby Seminars.

    Thank you for the journey your work took me on.
    P.S. Daryl has got something brilliant on leg stiffness which I want, a lot...

    Attached Files:

  35. Here are a few more photos from last week's ACFAOM conference in Orlando.

    The four Magic Kingdom Biomagic Engineers (left to right):

    Drs. Daryl Phillips, Kevin Kirby, Bruce Williams and Simon Spooner

    Attached Files:

  36. Here I am demonstrating to my very good friend and colleague, Dr. Simon Spooner, the true meaning of "Tissue Stress". As my lovely wife, Pam, watches in the background.

    Thanks to Dr. Stephen Albert for these photos.

    Attached Files:

  37. Left to right:

    Bruce Williams, Ray Anthony and Simon Spooner

    Attached Files:

  38. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    I was just in Orlando for Save a Leg Save a Life conference - I should have stayed around!!!!! Great part of the world!

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