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Looking for a Sea Change? Come to Tasmania!

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by manmantis, Sep 14, 2022.

  1. manmantis

    manmantis Active Member

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    Looking for a Sea change?
    Join our team in beautiful North-West Tasmania.

    Our local population offers the opportunity to grow in experience in all areas of podiatry.

    Our practice offers you the opportunity to develop in whatever field you desire, as a regional practice we see it all!

    Our clinicians are given reign to develop their own preferred areas of expertise, but you will see everything from diabetic foot wounds to child development problems, running injuries to nail surgery.

    The experience gained in working in a regional setting is like nothing you would find in city practice.
    With regular team meetings and professional development sessions, you'll have ample opportunity to share and learn with our podiatrists.

    This new role is yours to develop, it can be as big as you want it to be. Either way, we will support you.
    Our friendly and supportive team provide care from our purpose-built multi-room clinics in Ulverstone and Burnie, and a clinic in Smithton. All of our work is provided from our clinics, no nursing homes or patient houses to visit!
    • Our reputation is key to our success.
    • We value honesty with our patients over sales.
    • The pressure we place on our team is to maintain the trust our clients have in us, not pressure to sell.
    If you are an easy-going & enthusiastic practitioner looking for a sea change, come to our beautiful corner of the world. You will have the Tasmanian outdoors as your playground, yet the distances between towns & places are small. Experience our premium food & drink and enjoy our comfortable standard of living! Have your easily affordable dream pad overlooking the sea, and yet be up to the mountains in an hour. Melbourne CBD reached in 90minutes, or see MONA & more in Hobart.

    We are looking for someone with good interpersonal skills. Someone who is capable of building relationships to grow their practice. Someone who values a healthy work/life balance. And above all else, someone to fit in with our family-focused, cheerful team.

    Podiatrists with any level of experience are welcome to apply, remuneration based on experience.
    • CPD funding available to develop your expertise.
    • Relocation funding available to ease your move.
    • Salary packaging available.
    • Help with Visa sponsorship
    Find out more or apply, here:


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