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looking forward to some interesting discussions!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by thefootfettler, Jan 7, 2010.

  1. thefootfettler

    thefootfettler Welcome New Poster

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    hi there,
    i'm a recent pod grad and am looking forward to getting to know people on this site and also learning a few things as well.
    i am yet to find employment in my field of 'expertise' so have lots of time to be on here :boohoo:
    i graduated from Plymouth University and am originally from Ireland.
  2. charlie70

    charlie70 Active Member

    Welcome Footfettler.
    Hope you find the site interesting and informative.

    Also, good luck with your job search - although I'm surprised that as a recently qualified graduate you're looking for jobs in a specialised area. You may find that's why you're not having much luck: try just getting a job as a grade 6 Podiatrist, develop your experience in the whole field and THEN look to specialise.
  3. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    welcome footfeller from a fellow devonite
  4. betafeet

    betafeet Active Member

    Hello Footfettler, Good luck in your search but NHS jobs very scarce until March as they have all run out of money, seems the Podiatry services have been hit very hard by the cuts. Have you registered with NHS jobs.

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2010
  5. thefootfettler

    thefootfettler Welcome New Poster

    hi there everyone, thanks for your responses.

    have registered with both nhs proffessionals and nhs jobs, have a couple of interviews coming up this month so things are looking good.
    sorry for confusion Charlie70, i'm not specialising as such, just meant podiatry in general.
  6. charlie70

    charlie70 Active Member

    Good luck with the interviews!

    Yes, I notice all the main parties are saying they won't make cuts in the NHS after the next election: they won't have to. We've been told to expect fairly substantial cuts in our budget come April - we've already lost all bank staff, overtime, the one locum we had etc. And we've had a couple of people leave & it may well be that they won't be replaced..... I wouldn't be too surprised if redundancies aren't a reality before the end of 2010.
    And on that cheerful note....

    Still, don't give up hope!!

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