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Masters of Podiatry - advice please?

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Trent Baker, Mar 2, 2008.

  1. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

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    What options are there for a B.App.Sci(pod) who wants to pursue a masters degree? Who can give me the heads up on the best option for part time study?
  2. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    The only options you have in Australia:

    1. The coursework masters program at UNISA
    2. A masters by research at any university
    3. A courseworks masters in a different discipline (eg public health - a lot of podiatrists have done that, including me)
  3. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

  4. pscotne

    pscotne Active Member


    I was interested to see the University of London link and I know they offer a MSc in Infectious Diseases through their External System and which, I believe, would be very useful for Podiatrists interested in such to take on board.

    The MSc (13 subjects or 9 subjects plus a Research Project) includes Biology of Infectious Diseases, Control of Infectious Diseases, Viral Infections, Bacteral Infections, Hospital Infections, Diagnostic Methods, Immunolgy of Infection, Parasitology, and the foundation course Principles of Public Health, Biostatistics and Epidemiology.

    A well rounded degree I think! In fact, I for one, am seriously considering undertaking this MSc - a Postgraduate Diploma (4 subjects) is also offered.

    Peter Scottney-Turbill
    Central Queensland University

  5. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

    Thanks Peter. It's an idea I have been considering for some time. I go through fits of enthusiasm and then the practice gets very busy and I lose it for a while. I'm still very keen though at the moment.

  6. pscotne

    pscotne Active Member

    :D Yes, I would go for it because [1] you study at your own pace a range of fascinating subjects very relevant to podiatry practice and [2] being a professional practitioner the fees would be tax deductible under the self-education principle.

    And...the University of London MSc in Infectious Diseases from the prestigious School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine would be one great ticket!!



    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 14, 2008
  7. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member

    You're selling me Peter. Are you sure you're not about to take up a position on the faculty? lol.
  8. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member

  9. pscotne

    pscotne Active Member

    :drinks Selling?

    Nah...the commission's not enough, besides I'm still in the last months of a PhD here.

    But having perused the MSc information from London and in particular the synopses for each of the subjects offered, I was impressed.

    Obviously, to see some of the infections studied one would have to work in a relevant environment such as within indigenous communities in northern Australia or in infectious diseases clinics in hospitals.

    But all the same, if one is interested in infectious diseases, then why not undertake studies in such to broaden knowledge?

    Who knows what the future holds for podiatry in Australia?

  10. Burris

    Burris Welcome New Poster

    I always find this topic of Post-Grad study rather interesting. I guess I have two general questions regarding the UniSA coursework study...
    1/ At what point is it beneficial to undertake the additional study (ie. Within a couple of years of completing uni...or well and truely after that?) I can see the benefit in both.
    2/ Aside from the obvious (additional learning and furthering of knowledge) what benefit will this additional study give me professionally?
    I'd really appreciate any feedback...
  11. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member


    My 2 cents:

    Q1. Do it while the flame burns strong and you have little other family and financial committments.

    Q2. At this time, very little. I predict though that as extended scope prescribing activities become widespread across the country, you will need to prove significant medical and pharmacology education - as this generally does not exist in most undergraduate degrees - so you will need the UniSA Master's or equivalent. Drug prescribing will be the most obvious medium to long term benefit.

    Keep an eye on the UWA post grad courses though - once they open up to external students I feel they will be the degrees to have (ie the doctorate programs).

  12. dyfoot

    dyfoot Active Member

    I have a diploma from S.I.T. and would like to upgrade to degree and eventually masters, but am restricted by mainly by time and money. I would like to further my education within podiatry.
    Does anyone have any advice on suitable distance education?
  13. Burris

    Burris Welcome New Poster

    Thanks very much for the words of advice LL. It's much appreciated. I've been thinking down this track for a while, and think that 09 might just be the year!
  14. malaligned

    malaligned Member

    I have just completed my Master at Uni SA by coursework and found it to be interesting as you have a fair choice in the Podiatry specific subjects from which to choose, some of these require workshop type attendance at the campus for 4-5days.

    There are some core subjects that must be completed and you can work at your own pace, so a good experience.I started one year post degree but as I am mature age it was keep going whilst the iron was hot.

    Not sure if any immeadiate benefits to my current position but I certainly gained knowledge and developed skills in discussions and essay/ report writing and met more great Podiatry people.
  15. danusha

    danusha Welcome New Poster

    What about broadening your skills in a Master of Health and Medical Law either through the University of Melbourne or Sydney (MHealthLaw)? There is also another option at Uni of Sydney in Master of Health Humanities. Only drawback is there is no commonwealth support with regard to fees- most are full fee paying, which can result in a hefty contribution. I was tempted by the MHealth and Medical Law, but going overseas this year so have not yet signed up.
  16. Don ESWT

    Don ESWT Active Member

    I think it is fantastic that the next generation of Podiatrists will have the opportunity to become Doctors of Podiatry and Masters in our profession.

    I am afraid that I will not progress beyond what I have, I will still attend the National and State confrence if they have something new to offer and not bore me with stats that go nowhere to help me treat my patients. I require an income like all of us to survive and I cannot employ anyone to take over my practice so I can get another certificate to put up on my wall.

    In the last 2 years I worked for 2 other Podiatists, it meant that they could concentrate on studies and attain higher qualifications. They are both doing well.

    Don Scott
  17. Burris

    Burris Welcome New Poster

    Hi Malaligned... Do you mind me asking how long it took you to complete your Masters at UniSA? And how much time you were contributing to it throughout the semesters? It's always good coming from the horses mouth!
  18. malaligned

    malaligned Member

    Hi Burris,

    happy to answer any questions.

    It took me three years as I only had to gain 36 units (this is determined by the years spent on your podiatry degree , 3 or 4 years) and each subject is either 4.5 units or 9 units if a more complex subject.

    the first year I managed three subjects = 13.5
    second year one subject worth 9
    third year three subjects, two worth 4.5 and one worth 9 = 13.5

    but you can work this how you want and it also depends if the subject must be attended on campus, this requires more money and time.

    hope this helps
  19. Kara47

    Kara47 Active Member

    I have heard a rumour that University of Western Sydney is going to offer a Master of Podiatry in 2010. Might be worth checking out (& closer to home for you too!)
  20. Spur

    Spur Active Member

    Hi Kara,

    Any idea if the Masters you mentioned has surgical subjects required by the ACPS?

  21. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member

    Yes - it contains all the core subjects required by the College.

  22. dyfoot

    dyfoot Active Member

    Thanks Kara!

    A masters at UWS would be just the ticket for me and many others. I don't know if it will happen though because of the podiatry school winding up! There have been several rumours over the last few years about courses which never eventuated.


  23. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    I have no "inside" information, but from what I understand, the rumoured masters at UWS is an entry level qualification.
  24. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    I think you will find talk of any Masters Degree at UWS currently would refer to the "undergrad" concept, and would not be open to inclusion of "post graduate" intake at this present time.

    Although not impossible, at present I am sure talk/discussion/planning would simply be around starting a degree which could output students first - any tack on for post grads would come much later.

    If indeed there is actually any talk going on at all.....if you know what I mean!
  25. Aussie_Bec

    Aussie_Bec Member

    Speaking of Masters programs, im just starting the unisa masters and was wondering if any one has any of the core subject textbooks they wish to sell?
  26. dyfoot

    dyfoot Active Member

    I knew it sounded too good to be true!
  27. malaligned

    malaligned Member

    Aussie Bec,

    my advice is to borrow from library rather than buy the text unless is something you will use for podiatry practice. I found most available this way
  28. lmgstar3

    lmgstar3 Welcome New Poster

    i too am thinking of going along this path. the Master in Podiatric Medicine in UniWA appealed to me, has anyone completed this or is presently doing this course? is it difficult to enter this program?
  29. Paul Bowles

    Paul Bowles Well-Known Member

    Brad why not do a Masters via Research at UWS?
  30. dyfoot

    dyfoot Active Member

    Thanks Paul, I may just do that one day, but time and financial constraints make it a pipe dream at the moment!:boohoo:
  31. dsfeet

    dsfeet Active Member

    Hi trent
    I just graduated in the masters programme of unisa , and felt from a academic side it was worthwhile, not necessarily from a clinical side. ( have been in practice 32 years.) will not use this degree for employment, but gaining a greater understanding and being able to assess evidenced based info and research was helpful . the reading you need to do for assignments very time consuming but worthwhile for a greater understanding from a broad viewpoint..Not sure how many units you will need to complete, but the highest is 56 units 12 subjects , which i needed to do having studied a long time ago), took me 5 years while working fulltime. Most subjects , the electives and the core subjects are all online and assignments , the podiatry subjects require 1 week at the uni plus assignment work. one subject worthwhile as an elective was a double subject , wound care ,another good one others did was Pharmacology helpful and helps towards prescribing rights. ( you still have to do the rest of the requirements).I was one of the grandmas at 53 , most students were from 20's and 30's age group. trent i would recommend it as a valuable experience. deb ( your student supervisor from years ago)
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2012

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