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MBT physiological footwear

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by jollyjoh, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. jollyjoh

    jollyjoh Member

    Members do not see these Ads. Sign Up.
    Recently came across these 'shoes' and wanted some feedback on them.
    Tried a pair on today, very strange feeling........but one of my physio colleagues swears by them and says she now has a rear like J-lo and rock hard thighs, even says her tummy is toned through wearing these shoes.
    Is there any weight to the hype, or is it just another fad?
  2. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  3. Atlas

    Atlas Well-Known Member

    Typical physio response. We really have no idea.

    Remember how the fit-ball was going to cure all of our sitting ills 10 years ago?

    A patient brought them in, and I was fascinated by the OTC rockersole 'appearance'. The effect however is not rocker at all.
    I have tried them on. The super soft heel section, makes one feel as though the heel is 'going through the floor' at heel contact...forcing your knee in more extension I would presume.

    The salesman told me to spend the $400 aussie dollars, and it will help your posture from head to toe.

    There is a finer line between the stereotypical salesman and your typical health clinician.
  4. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

  5. drsarbes

    drsarbes Well-Known Member

    I was asked to try these out and did (only because the female aerobic instructor could have talked me into doing just about anything!)
    The heel does sink in and the rocker is positioned proximally more than a typical forefoot rocker bottom. On me it seemed to push my point of heel contact distally and abbreviate my push off phase.
    I wore them for 10 minutes, my ass is still fat and I didn't get a date with the aerobic instructor!
  6. Atlas

    Atlas Well-Known Member

    I am sure we will find a little niche place for them; I just don't know what...yet.

    But the posture-revolution effect above the waist?:pigs:
  7. jollyjoh

    jollyjoh Member

    And there I was, thinking I could get fit with no effort...........!
    I prefer them to crocs though, at least they look like you're getting more for your money!
    And......they do them with a pink trim too.......what more could a girlie ask for?

    Having said all that, I still have two exercise balls, several 'posture improving seats, lumbar supports for the car.................
  8. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Most of the replies here (and l include myself) are from short term wear of the product, it would be interesting to hear from a long term user if we can?:)

    l have had them on for 2 hours at a symposium, what a weired feeling.

    They are sold (if done correctly) as an occasional wear, a training tool, they are also meant to be sold with a free one hour “instructional” period as l understand it.

    l have two colleges that wear the product, one has worn the shoes two days a week for four weeks, his legs are tiered at the end of the day, he has not gone back for is “instructional” just yet.

    The second college sells and wears the product, she has been wearing the product full time for about 5 months l believe, she now has enlarged Gastrocnemius, making the below knee look like an athletes leg, not taught and trim, but LARGE.

    Question; Are these people wearing the product excessively in danger of tendinosis?

    PS steve, Good to hear you are not letting your physical well being get in the way of a possible date :)
  9. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

    Of course, if it has a negative heel, and a compressive heel out/midsole unit......
    The same can be achieved with a rocker sole modification, if the heel isn't balanced to the forefoot.
  10. Atlas

    Atlas Well-Known Member

    Should be able to be validated by an easy EMG study I would have thought.

    What about wearing concrete boots? They wont look flash, but I reckon you would end up with the worlds biggest strongest hip-flexors.
  11. conp

    conp Active Member

    Considering the coincidence of the
    1) MBT thread
    2) Favourite YOUTUBE thread and
    3) The Australian Conference of Science and Madicine in Sport this weekend in Adelaide where Benno Nigg is a keynote speaker, how about this for a youtube post!

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016
  12. Pigsney

    Pigsney Member

    I saw these shoes for the first time today. I tried them on, they make you feel like you're walking on the catwalk....Standing tall and more hip swinging......and I also felt like my calf muscles were being stretched as mentioned the heel feels like it is falling through the ground.

    Thinking, if used for plantar fasciitis/heel pain...would there be initial discomfort... as opposed to useing heel lifts to temporarily slacken the achilles and relieve pain??? Anyone.

    I am intrigued by these shoes and exctied....until I came accross the cynisism here!!!!! I bet if you were disciplined enough to use your excercise balls correctly and cosistently, you would have had better results. :p

    I think these shoes may have there place somewhere.
  13. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

  14. carol

    carol Active Member

    I wear MBTs for work all I can say is my varicose veins have gone and my back doesn't ache at the end of the day. I agree there is a lot of sales hype and they are overpriced (got discount for being a Podiatrist) not too sure about a lot of their claims but they are very comfortable, I never promote branded footwear to my patients but some have tried them and are also impressed, especially the lady with a botched bunion op.
  15. jane.e.benson

    jane.e.benson Active Member

    I bought a pair (discount for Chirop's), as I am aware of my apalling posture. They did make me stand taller and straighter but I have rheumatoid arthritis and they caused considerable pain in my feet, which was a suprise to start with as the thick spongy sole quite attracted me, but if you take the insole out, directly below is a hard surface, (feels like mdf!). I tried them with my 3mm poron insoles but there was only a moderate improvement so have stopped wearing them, I will not be recommending them to any one with joint problems, though the retailer told me a customer with " stiff arthritic toes" has returned for a second pair!?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2007
  16. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    "caused considerable pain in my feet"
    Hi Jane, Just out of interest, was the pain focused just to the Arthritic joints or was it more Plantar pain?
    How long did you wear them first time out?

    l do not sell this product however l am considering it for winter 2008 in our store and feed back is what l am looking for
  17. carol

    carol Active Member

    Further to my original reply, my 16 year old daughter suffers from juvenile arthritis and finds my MBTs relieve the pressure on her knees when she has a inflamation flair up. (I'm saving up to buy her a pair of her own!) I had intial aches in my feet when I first wore them but after a second fitting discovered I didn't have my heel far enough back in the shoe. Hope this can be of help.
  18. jane.e.benson

    jane.e.benson Active Member

    I started wearing the MBT's for only 1/2hr at a time around the house then built up to an hour but the pain made me investigate and change the insoles and I built the time up to three hours but that was far too long and each time I wore them even for shorter periods the pain was returning quicker and quicker so I've given up. The pain is mostly at the arthritic nodules 1st and 5th mtp joints, and heel, but also I experienced ligament strain generally across the plantar aspect too. ( even after ensuring my feet were pushed right to the back).
    Hope this helps.
  19. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Hard to say much without been there to see, but sounds like the width fitting maybe too narrow for you.

    Have you thought to add a met. Dome? as it can help with the width slightly in an RA foot type

    Take the insole out of the shoe and stand on it, does the forefoot hang over the edges?

    l would suggest after that size investment in footwear that you return to the piont of purchase for some "hands on" advice.

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