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Narrow Shoes for UK patient !!!

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Kahuna, Dec 10, 2010.

  1. Kahuna

    Kahuna Active Member

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    Hi All

    Can anyone help me with a shoe issue for a paediatric pt please?

    She's 13 years old and very tall. She has been wearing prescr orthotics for a year with good results.

    However, her mother now reports she is struggling to find new school shoes that are long enough and narrow enough for her now.

    She is an adult size 5, but national chains like Clarks and independent retailers alike have plenty of 'wide fit' kids and adults shoes, but nothing narrow enough.

    Does anyone know of any suitable retailer? Or other solution please?

    Many thanks

  2. Apollus

    Apollus Member

    I'm a student at birmingham and I work fpart time fitting childrens shoes at Russell&Bromley for extra cash.
    Fitting slim children with orthotics is often problematic, sometimes the only shoes we can find that fit sufficiently are not supportive enough :craig:
    True, clarks do not go much bigger than a UK4 but their bootleg range aimed at teenagers is stocked up to a 9 with many being made in an E fitting, luckily for slim children I have found that bootlegs are fitting roughly one width narrower than intended to this year :dizzy: perfect for narrow feet.
    The startrite brand make shoes down to D fittings and have a 'miss rhino' range for teenagers. the best slim startrite shoes for fitting orthotics are: samba/quickstep (made down to a D width and one of the best fitting shoes they make), neptune (made to an E but fits a little narrower than stated) and renee.
    the startrie website http://www.startriteshoes.com has details of stockists who will have more sizes than startrite direct.
    hope this helps
  3. BAMBLE1976

    BAMBLE1976 Active Member


    The other option is you refer to the orthotist for footwear prescription as sometimes a foot that is too narrow to get suitable shop bought footwear is enough of an indication for footwear provision in order for the foot orthosis to function sufficiently


  4. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    Try James Inglis, they specialise in shoes and boots for narrow feet (mail order) jamesinglis.com
  5. Sally Smillie

    Sally Smillie Active Member

    Narrow feet are SOO hard. Especially for girls. Bear in mind she will be very fashion conscious.

    use a full length cover for orthoses to take up some of the extra space. make orthoses with a deep heel cup (in conjunction with lace-up)
    lace up's help. Try the ankle lock lacing technique [​IMG] or do a Google image search "narrow ankle lock lacing"
    Medissa Shoes do from size 5 up, AA width up.
    For trainers, New Balance do up to 4 width fittings in each size. Also come in all black, so can be an alternative for school sometimes. I would advise looking for them via shops such as SweatShop as they can order anything in. Ring them, or pop into their store to see what they have and develop a relationship with them - they are good allies.
    See if you have any independent shoe shops. I have one nearby where I send all my tough feet. They have a wide variety of stock.
    Fly London fit quite small, very stylish, but may be too pricey for paeds

    That should help, but I sympathise, it isn't easy. Good luck.
  6. Kahuna

    Kahuna Active Member

    Thanks for your comments all - seriously helpful stuff all round!

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