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New member and student

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by DPMrick, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. DPMrick

    DPMrick Welcome New Poster

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    I am a new member of this site as well as a new student of podiatry. I will be heading to New York College of Podiatric Medicine in Sept. Just want to greet everybody in this forum. I am also a member of the Student Doctor Network.

  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Last edited: Jun 29, 2005
  3. StacyIJ

    StacyIJ Welcome New Poster

    Class of 2009

    Congrats on NYCPM! I interviewed there, also. However, I realized that I could not live in NYC and chose Scholl in Chicago instead.

    Do you have any helpful websites on scholarships?
  4. John Spina

    John Spina Active Member

    I hope you are doing well at NYCPM.I graduated in 1991.Keep me abreast of your comings and goings.
  5. Dan O'Lysis

    Dan O'Lysis Member

    You could have chosen an offshore MD school, come back to the US - if you passed boards- do a one year internship and picked up all the podiatry you'll ever need.
    Podiatry is like Atlantis, the lost continent. Mistakes in our youth haunt you for ....ahem ahem sneeze FOREVER. Any MD can clip toenails the way the world is going rearfoot surgery with the finesse of a board certified ors is less likely than you mqy think. I offer my sympathies for your waste.
  6. Dan O'Lysis:

    It appears as if you would be miserable in any profession you chose. There are many podiatrists that are very thankful for choosing podiatry as their careers and are very happy.

    Then, unfortunately, there also are people in this world (that I try to avoid being around) who are so upset with themselves that they are continually attempting to make others unhappy so that they can be joined in their "misery-fest" (misery loves company??).

    Dan O'Lysis, why don't you go to another website where you can be positive and supportive......or maybe that website (out of over two billiion websites on the internet) doesn't exist quite yet for you??? :confused:
  7. Dan O'Lysis

    Dan O'Lysis Member

    Dude, I am probably older than you and have seen things you may not.
    Or I am sad and live in squallor because I am not a one thing or anotjer and my cup is half empty...then again I have a half sized cup.

    I did go to DPM school and MD school. I don't do that.

    I am just doing research.

    To me...exist nine published novels six screenplays and a delightful family. I have a house on the ocean and all the material crap that makes us stupid in our youth. My opinions my disgruntle you, but I hate to see young folks invest so much in something that gives tem so little in return. If I am going to be banned from this board-fine. Let the truth of Podiatry remain as secretive as to why the DPM isn' a physician in CA. Who's kidding who? Whatever I did in my career-I knew up front that there were no guarantees only a constant press. Sometimes no matter what the DPMs I went to school with say, the second class status as a 'doctor' haunts them like the lies that got them into dee pee emetry.

    Save your cliche for the folks who gave it a shot and just couldn't cut it-sometimes you gotta know when to cut and run-things you should share with your students- that podiatry is not what its promoters present it as.

    I guess I'll be banned from this board soon-what shot of denial.

    Be cool and maybe we can enjoy some dialoge, shut me out and there will be no doubt.

    Is there some redemption in podiatry?
  8. Since you are so successful and happy, why don't you give us your real name, Dan O'Lysis?? If you give me your real name, then possibly I'll begin to take you seriously. Otherwise, you are just another complainer that doesn't want to be known or found out, as far as I'm concerned.

    By the way, I know plenty of unhappy MDs. However, I don't know any of them that waste their time going onto MD websites to talk pre-med students out of being an MD.
  9. Dan O'Lysis

    Dan O'Lysis Member

    I am who I am. Give you my name? Yeah, my ENTIRE PERSONAL HISTORY TOO. Its irellevant as to my level of contention - I'm cool and I sense your getting ****** off-maybe I am a fraud and trolling the internet for podiatrists...yeah right. I'm researching the ripoff of podo land pf 2006. Think about how many characters have been pods since Brooks in the IN-Laws. Not many. I don't know you, but challenging me is silly and I don't care for strangers. Best we keep it that way. You might know me by the tone, pitch cadence and goofy sense of humor if not, I ain't who you think who I am.

    Succesful...come on. I'm a loser.

    Except when we laugh (wife crew and I). I don't know you stranger. You sort of spook me. I've had my share of that - strangers that is. So much for the virtues of podiatry - knee jerk curious- I can't see how or why- you have a mean spirit going on, but; you brought out the defensive mode of the DPM. Thank you for showing me that anger, mistrust and nastiness sort of exemplify the podiatrist character. At least Albert Brooks had a sense of humor (you really teach?)

    Please don't post me again.


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