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New member finding his feet!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by simonfeet, May 22, 2010.

  1. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

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    Hello all you virtual podiatrists.Just discovered you as desperate to find out how to easily obtain Betadine Ointment.
    Btw do HPC recognise the CPD gained from this site?How many do I gain for this tete a tete?
    Does anyone actually understand what HPC wants when they request our profile etc cos I feel like a rabbit trapped in headlights having been asked to submit mine?
  2. footinmouth

    footinmouth Member

    Hi simonfeet,

    So you're up for audit. Me too. I do get what you mean. That letter hits the mat, and all rationality hits the window. I certainly felt like that for a while _ then I started to really think about it.
    I'm sure that there are many much more experienced 'Podiatry Arena' posters, and indeed many much more experienced pods, than I to advise you ...... but, what I'm trying to do first (when trying to decide exactly how much/little HPC want to know about my CPD activities) is think about my own patients, and how/where what I've done has benefited them.
    For example, I do have a certain number of patients with Cerebal Palsy, so am including details of the amount of hours I spent 'under instruction' from other health professionals, eg pysiotherapist, specialising in promoting lower limb muscle function in patients with CP. I'm excluding (or not including so much detail of) things that are not relevant to my current patient base.

    I don't know if I'm being absolutely correct in my approach to this (and would welcome any amount of advice, that anyone wants to give, before I finally submit my profile) but would emphasise to you, simonfeet, that it wasn't until I started talking it through with others, that I realised just how much of my activities were relevant. If it's any help, I'd be happy to talk about this with you, in detail.

    good luck with that, footinmouth
  3. Hi Simon :welcome: to Podiary Arena

    You may want to post your questions in the U.K forum you might get some more response, unless Foot in mouth has not already given you want you need. Goodluck.

    CPD points can be gained from here in the UK I beleive but here is some threads on the subject from the UK forum.

    CPD UK Forum threads

    Good luck

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