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New member

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Penny James, Sep 18, 2015.

  1. Penny James

    Penny James Welcome New Poster

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    hello all. I have stumbled across this site whilst searching for info on natural remedies for VPs . I am currently training to be a FHP. Training at the SMAE Institute England
  2. Tracy.gill

    Tracy.gill Active Member

    hi welcome to forum! I trained at SMAE in early 1990's and a lot has changed since then, and its good to keep up to date with changes not only in the chiropody/podiatry world. its just a start of your journey in providing foot care to the public. I assume you will either start out on home visits or take the jump into a surgery location? either way its not easy but very satisfying to work for yourself, earn a good living ( as long as you charge a sensible fee and don't undercut others in your area) meet some great and not so great people who are glad to have their foot problems treated.

    Verruca are the worst and most common type of problem to encounter, they either go spontaneously or can drag on for years!! there is a great amount of research on the subject but personally I use a combination of tea tree and lemon essential oil direct on VP - instruct patient to use daily after bathing. Don't use acids or cryosurgery when first working after training as their effects can go beyond the actual lesion, causing pain and blistering (unless you are confident to go ahead with these methods).If patient has long standing VPs (over 1 year plus) or has immune problems (i.e. history of other viral infections, i.e. lots of colds) I have advised on taking THUJA homeopathic tablets from Health Shops, as this has boosted the immune system and in 25% of cases I have successfully treated over previous year they have completely resolved!! (plus I have used the essential oils or electrolysis or dry needling as a combined treatment also). I have compared results from using cryosurgery and acid treatments, and as a result of which treatments that seem to work more successfully, so far I now use either the essential oil with dry needling or electrolysis. As you probably know there is not any one method in particular that works 100% with getting rid of the VPs, its a choice of using evidenced based methods or developing more natural ( i.e. essential oils) type of strategy in treating these troublesome lesions.
  3. Penny James

    Penny James Welcome New Poster

    Thank you so much for a very welcoming and helpful reply to my first thread. I will certainly take on your advice. It is much appreciated.
  4. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    :welcome: Penny


    "I use a combination of tea tree and lemon essential oil direct on VP"

    Fantastic that you are getting such good results on VP.

    I have not heard of this combination.

    How did you determine this method of treatment?

  5. Penny James

    Penny James Welcome New Poster

    Hi. I've not yet tried The Teatree and Lemon oil treatment. I'm not sure my SMAE membership insurance would cover me for the lemon as it is not in their standard treatment pack. But it is interesting what others have found successful

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