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New Podiatry Student - Career Change

Discussion in 'Australia' started by Poodle2, Sep 9, 2014.

  1. Poodle2

    Poodle2 Welcome New Poster

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    Hi Everyone

    After 10 years in Finance its time for a change and I have always been interested in the mechanics of the foot and the relationships to the knee, due to knee/hip/feet problems growing up.

    Just wanting some insight into people already working in the profession and to see if my expectations are realistic. My main reasons for my change to podiatry are
    1. I am fascinated by the mechanics of the foot and its relationship to the lower limbs
    2. Eventually I could be self employed or have more flexible working arrangements than 8.30-5 everyday
    3. Each patient will have a different problem so the work should be interesting
    4. Being in the medical field I imagine that new research and issues come up quite frequently and that the field of podiatry remains ever changing and growing

    I do realise there would be parts of the job that are terrible too, monotony of work of dealing with ingrown toe nails day in day out. The hard job of dealing with people who don't manage their diabetes correctly, which I imagine is very frustrating.

    If you can help me with any other issues specific to Podiatry as a career it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Hi Poodle2,
    Nearly 400 views and no replies:empathy:
    Then its time to rethink your direction.

    Your in Brisbane, so why not consider SCU where you can do a degree in Pedorthics.

    The only Pedorthic business l have heard of closing in the last 18 months was due to retirement, plenty of jobs for a Certified Pedorthist and the work is both rewarding and challenging, plus if you go to SCU you have opportunity to do a double degree, Podiatry and Pedorthics if you like.

    Drop in to a Pedorthic business near you, l would suggest Brisbane footwear services, ask for Ernie Tye
    or even pop down to Melbourne this weekend to our National Pedorthic Symposium and meet a few more Certified Pedorhtist to get a better idea if its what you want, if you come to Melbourne symposium seek me out.
  3. footpower

    footpower Active Member

    There are international opportunities in Pedorthics as well. I have just been in Beijing, China for a weeklong workshop on pedorthics, foot orthotics.
  4. Poodle2

    Poodle2 Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for the replys, I really appreciate it. Maybe my expectations and exactly on the money thats why I have no replies........ I really hope its not because my expectations are so far from reality and no one wants to be the person to crush my soul :)

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