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New student to Podiatry! scared :)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Disha Bhavsar, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Disha Bhavsar

    Disha Bhavsar Welcome New Poster

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    Hello, everyone! I am new and never really wrote about myself openly! but I am glad that found this podiatry forum and meet all like-minded people. I am Disha Bhavsar from Singapore I have been an offer to study Podiatry at Cardiff Met for the year 2018. Right now I am taking a gap year. I am really scared to start this new journey. I would like to know your experience studying podiatry and things which I should be careful of! And any Cardiff Met alumni and current students hihi :) I also want to know which books related should I start reading in order ot just prepare me for the content! good luck everybody and thanks
  2. Claire72

    Claire72 Active Member

    Hi Disha
    Congratulations on your offer for Cardiff Met. Don't be scared of your new journey - well, you can be scared but still enjoy it anyway! Maybe you could get in touch with the Lecturers at Cardiff for their suggested reading list. All the best.
  3. Disha Bhavsar

    Disha Bhavsar Welcome New Poster

    Hi, Claire! Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, i did speak to the admissions tutor and I did tell him to send me few links and books which I could read! And in Singapore, I did borrow a book called 'the foot book'. I am really looking forward to this new journey.
    If I may ask you can you share more about your background :)
    hope to speak to you more.
  4. SingaPod

    SingaPod Member

    Hi Disha,
    Congratulations on your university place, I loved my time at Cardiff Met (UWIC as was).
    I haven't got my library to hand so I will have to let you know later which exact books I would recommend, I found some particularly useful during my time in Singapore.
    I would as a general recommendation suggest getting Neales common disorders of the foot as it is pretty much the basic text for Podiatry, it was also part written and edited by lecturers from Cardiff Met (though I believe they have all retired now).
    I would recommend focusing on anatomy, biochemistry and microbiology, the first because it will be a fundamental basis of what you will do over the full course, the other two because I remember most people struggling with those elements. If you have a strong biology background you might not need to bother so much with the last two.
    Are you bonded to a particular hospital?
  5. Disha Bhavsar

    Disha Bhavsar Welcome New Poster

    Hi ya! thank you so much.
    Did you also study Podiatry there? Honestly, i am so nervous and scared to start this course at Cardiff Met. How is university overall? No, I am not bonded to any hospital right now. Like I said I am in a gap year.Therefore, I am working I am in a teaching firm and doing a reading on podiatry. though I have been for attachments in Singapore. And thanks for the recommendations of the books will surely have a look in the library here. Hope to speak to you more.

  6. Mark Hawkes

    Mark Hawkes Member

    Don't be scared! It's a great field to work in and is well worth the schooling and financial "risk"!

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