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New student

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BestyPod, May 4, 2010.

  1. BestyPod

    BestyPod Active Member

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    Hi everyone

    I have just joined the site and have already read lots of interesting information. I am due to start my Bsc in Podiatry at Northampton Uni this September and I can't wait.

  2. LucyPod

    LucyPod Active Member

    If you want a good podiatry book that will benefit you throughout your course, I recommend Neale's Disorders of The Foot. You can purchase it on amazon for a reasonable price. Furthermore if you have free time over the summer, learn your lower limb anatomy as this will give you an advantage in your first two semesters.

    :) L
  3. Zuse

    Zuse Active Member

    good luck! im sure you will have a great time!
  4. BestyPod

    BestyPod Active Member

    Hi Zuse and LucyPod,

    Thanks for your messages! I will definately take a look at that book Lucy Pod. I've already been pre-warned by a friend who's a 2nd year POD student that one of the first things the course tutor does is sits everyone down and asks them to name a bone. Supposedly it got quite embarrassing at just how little people knew, so I'll definately try an learn some lower limb anatomy. Don't want to be embarrassed on my first day :eek:

    Thanks again
  5. LucyPod

    LucyPod Active Member

    Yes this happened to me & others on the course on our first day. It really did make you learn your anatomy.

    I forgot to mention you will probably cover the skin & common foot conditions such as hypohydrosis & tinea pedis etc
  6. Zuse

    Zuse Active Member

    as you havent started you cause yet, hypohydrosis is bacicaly sweaty feet and tinea pedis is athleets foot! O and dont forget bromhidrosis! lol! there was a girl on the cause when i was training, she had long brown heair and one day she decided to cut it in to a bob! anyway that is becides the point. she had bromhidrosis and it wasent plesent! but she got it sorted, she was on the right cause for it!
    P.s bromhidrosis is very smelly feet! it will allso be a good ida to look up tinea pedis as it is very common!
    Good luck!
  7. LucyPod

    LucyPod Active Member

    The poor girl. Just to add to ur message zeus hypohydrosis seems to be the more popular term to use
  8. Zuse

    Zuse Active Member

    who is zeus? lol!

  9. LucyPod

    LucyPod Active Member

    sorry zuse!! stop being picky :). your not the best speller in the world either
    e.g : bacicaly should be basically heheh :p
  10. youngpod

    youngpod Member

    Ah Zuse,
    I think i remember that girl she was some dancer!! :dizzy:
  11. LucyPod

    LucyPod Active Member

    just move

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