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Patient notes

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by perkyr, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. perkyr

    perkyr Member

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    Hi. Having done all my patients notes in paper for the last x number of years i have ring binders of notes that is filling my filing cabinet now. Im having a rethink on this huge storage issue. I do a lot of home visits at patients who dont have wifi. I want a small laptop or notebook. I know i have to register with data protection etc. what does everyone do on here. Which programme do you use. Is it worth doing or do i keep going with paper notes and buy another filing cabinet and another room....
  2. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    I have a similar problem, having kept paper records for thirty years. I can't imagine how I could transfer all there to a computer, and prefer the simplicity of writing, and drawing on a card. I get my receptionist to take out the notes of any patient who hasn't been seen for 5 years and store them alphabetically in a cupboard. From there, after 10 years without a visit, the cards are removed to a corner of my attic. I think they can be destroyed after 14 years - bonfire time!
    Incidentally, I cannot understand why anyone would do their bookings online either. A clear diary, a pencil and a rubber are simple and allow a quick overview when booking patients.. Some things are best left alone.
  3. perkyr

    perkyr Member

    Agree elizabeth but im about to restart so thinking start as i mean to go on.
  4. LeonW

    LeonW Active Member

    I use a laptop when i see patients to write my notes in and it works great. And you can back it up in a variety of ways.
    this is the only viable way to have notes.
    in a few years i think pens will be a novelty, since no one will be writing.
    It is the simpler option
  5. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    You'll never persuade me that doing appointments on a computer is easier/quicker than a book, pencil and rubber!
  6. LeonW

    LeonW Active Member

    Appointments are best done on a mobile phone calendar.
    But if you enjoy using a pencil and book enjoy! I suppose you never need to worry about it running out of battery!
  7. perkyr

    perkyr Member

    Agree re using pens and booking appts into a paper diary. However my paper notes has got to such a storage issue im thinking there must be a easier way. Leon which program do you use.
  8. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    No! NO! PENCILs - so you can rub out!
  9. Eve Croucher

    Eve Croucher Welcome New Poster

    Last Christmas I bought a Microsoft Surface Tablet with add on keyboard for quick note taking, which is brilliant to carry around and as it is Microsoft Office operating system. I transferred all my templates for notes from my main computer
    and started a new continuation sheet for each current patient and then scanned on all existing regulars other records
    The surface allows a split screen so I can see the main records if need be and the continuation sheet at the same time
    Took 6 months but was well worth it as I do not have to get out records or file them and I always have everyone's records with me should I turn up to a residential home etc and someone is ill and another person takes their place
    I then spent another 2/3 months scanning in and archiving those who are not regular
    I thought you only had to keep records for 7 years- please let me know if this is incorrect
    I back up to a main computer by UBS and also to an external hard drive
    Although I am registered with data protection - I did not think we were allowed to use dropbox- again please correct me if I am wrong
  10. David Widdowson

    David Widdowson Active Member

    just a quick aside ref Data Protection registration. It includes paper records not just computer records.
    I do like pencils, makes life less complicated
  11. LeonW

    LeonW Active Member

    I have a template of things to go through.
    The program I use is Microsoft word.
  12. Lorcan

    Lorcan Active Member

    I use Cliniko. Allows me to log in on my phone, tablet laptop etc. I also use their online booking system which patients love. Most weekends when the clinic is closed we have a few bookings made online. Pays for itself many times over.
  13. AlanCawthorne

    AlanCawthorne Member

    I run 2 differnt clinics, one from an Osteopaths clinic and use his 'ClinicOfficeDiary.co.uk' which works very well - access from laptop, mobile phone etc. The other is from a pharmacy, where I keep a paper diary, and the staff write appointments in for me. I'm also NHS part time, so not running one smooth system yet. The online system definately works better, as I need to phone the pharmacy everytime before I can book a patient in. It would be difficult to get the pharmacy staff to use the online one.

    For notes, I still use paper, but have been developing my own electronic version (I was a computer engineer for 20 years). It's not quite finished yet, but it should work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Tablets, as well as a smart phone - but I think a smart phone screen may be a bit limited.

    My plan is to have a system that can move with the technology I use, rather than have to change if I change technology.
  14. perkyr

    perkyr Member

    Leon interested if you using microsoft word. Do think its a problem alot of us are hoping to have address soon. Alan if you make your own programme i might be interested. Not impressed with the podiatry programmes so far. They seem too complicated. I also dont understand the need yo pay x per year but im used to paper notes which only costs one lockable filing cabinet and paper and storage.
  15. LeonW

    LeonW Active Member

    Microsoft word is simple and flexible. Notes dont need to be complicated.
    just have a template saved with
    relevant medical hx
    reason for consult
    contact #
    and fill it in with every new pt and just add new info under the new date on the same page.
    use a laptop with a backup on drop box.
    Simplest and best option.
    No need to fiddle with anything. Simple is best.
    Why i dont use clinico:
    1.costs money
    2.Too much clicking on different tabs etc
    3.U dont have full control of the notes, and what if clinico fails who has the backup?
    4.Complex and difficult to send info to other doctors and flexibility is limited.
    5.If you are a small operation for sure just start with word.
    6.U need an interned connection so if u are mobile with a laptop this restricts u since the internet can drop out then u need to load it up again.

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