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Podiatric Surgery career progression

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by joselesanroman, Apr 20, 2017.


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    As a U.K. post-graduate student of "Theory of Podiatric Surgery", I would appreciate if any of you could answer a few questions regarding the mid-term progression of the career route on podiatry surgery within the UK.

    1) normally, when one applies for a surgical trainee post after the MSc, how many working days are involved? They tend to be two to three times a week from what I've seen. However, do trainees have to spend the rest of the week shadowing other services?

    2) if only mandatory to work twice a week (for example, Monday/Wednesday), does it matter whether the trainee lives/works in the U.K./NHS? Could someone living in Ireland (for example) work privately and travel to the UK to work as a surgical trainee the rest of the week? Does not working in the U.K. hinter your career development?

    3) Similarly, prior to finishing the MSc, would working abroad while still shadowing an NHS surgical unit once a week impair my chances of getting accepted for a surgical trainee post in the UK later on? Are my chances better if I continue to work in the UK?

    Thank you for your help on this matter.

    Any responses are hugely appreciated!

    Jose M San Roman
  2. Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior Active Member

    They vary between 2-5 days per week but most are 2-3 days. No, you do not have to spend the rest of the time shadowing other services as this should be part of your training programme. However, if it is a shorter programme, you may have to dedicate some time for shadowing.

    This is fine and some have already done this, you do not have to be based in the UK as long as the work and travel does not interfere with the training programme.

    There is no reason why this would affect your chances of getting accepted on a training programme.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Dear Trevor,

    Thank you for your prompt response, which has been very helpful.

    Can you please expand your first point of "training programme"? Do you mean during the surgical trainee post?

    Kind regards,
    Jose M
  4. Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior Active Member

    If you are accepted onto a training post, you should have a formal training programme in line with the guidelines for surgical training. The Directorate of Podiatric Surgery can provide these details if you do not have them.
  5. Thank you, Trevor. I will bear that in mind. Also, as a first-year MSc student and full-time worker, how often would you recommend I should take time off to shadow a surgical unit if I want to apply for a trainee post in 1-2 yrs time to be well prepared? I'm going to start consistently shadowing a unit once every two weeks. is twice a month enough? or once a week better?

  6. Trevor Prior

    Trevor Prior Active Member

    That should be fine

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