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Podiatrist Required for Full-time Position

Discussion in 'Employment in New Zealand' started by 2pods, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. 2pods

    2pods Member

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    Podiatrist Required for Full-time Position

    We need YOU: An experienced Podiatrist wanting a great full-time job!

    We require an exceptional Podiatrist to complete our team, we currently have 2 Podiatrists but with our new location we are experiencing continual growth.

    Blenheim Podiatry is located in Blenheim, Marlborough - the heart of New Zealand's wine region, with a great climate and sunny days! We are Marlborough's largest Podiatry practice and have been operational for nearly 10 years

    Blenheim has great access to larger cities in New Zealand (Wellington and Christchurch), the wonderful Marlborough Sounds and the great outdoors, while having all you need and more in a smaller town.

    Blenheim Podiatry (previously Wairau Podiatry) had a name change and a new location in April 2014. We now have a purpose built premise with 4 treatment rooms and staffing of 2 Podiatrists and 1 receptionist and an on site Physiotherapist. With our new, highly visible location growth has exceeded our expectations!

    To complete our friendly team we need a Podiatrist (preferred experience of 2 years plus but not essential) to work full time, but we are happy to look into part time options.

    We provide all aspects of Podiatry "for all your foot care needs". This position would be suited to a Podiatrist who enjoys a wide variety of work -general foot care, ACC, surgery, sports/biomechanical, high-risk, GP/Physio/Orthopaedic referrals- we see it all!!
    If there is an area of expertise you are interested in then we are more than happy to try and accommodate this so you can spend most of your days doing what you love.

    We need our new Podiatrist to be:
    * Energetic
    * Have a minimum of 2 years? experience (preferred but not essential) and be confident in all aspects of Podiatry
    * Highly motivated
    * Have great communication skills
    * A Fantastic team player
    * Great skills with good attention to detail and high standard of work and pride in this work
    * Friendly, cheerful and professional
    * Interested in continuing education and professional development.

    Remuneration is attractive and negotiable depending on experience and added incentives available -APC and continuing education allowance.


    If genuinely interested please contact Kate or Matthew Franken at Blenheim Podiatry 03 5778959 or email kate@blenheimpodiatry.co.nz Please attach a current CV and cover letter.

    Last edited: Jul 11, 2016

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