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Podiatry Ethics in British Isles

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by dipper, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. dipper

    dipper Active Member

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    I am new to this board, I am just about to finish my college access to health course and starting a Podiatry degree.
    I am at the moment undertaking an independant study Eygptiam medicines and Ethics against today Podiatry medicines and Ethics,however apart from the 5 theroux Ethics for health, I cannott find any ethics specifically relating to Podiatry in england.If there are could you let me know please.
    thanking you in advance.
  2. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member


    Hopefully someone from the UK can answer your question...
  3. dipper

    dipper Active Member


    Thanks for the welcome,I recieve the newsletter and have already learnt alot from the posts, whilst training I am sure I shall be asking lots of questions.
    hope that will be okay. :)
  4. stuart0908

    stuart0908 Welcome New Poster

    Learning a Lot

    I'm with you Dipper, I'm learning alot already, and I think this is one of the better podiatric posts, you just have to be patient, as there aren't as many people on at a time as most forums. :rolleyes:
  5. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Hi stuart 0908,

    Socrates, he always did give me a headache!



    PS. I like the Avatar. May I come and join you. It's been a wonderful 24hrs. on here???
  6. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    Unlike other disciplines such as medicine and nursing where there is clear outlined ethics, podiatry has no ethical code and members follow a professional code of practice (if they are a member of an association that has one or employed by a company that necesitates compliance). This rarely if ever includes reference to the patient and concentrates almost entirely on trading practice and interprofessional behaviour. Quality assurance agencies like QAA (UK) and professional associations publish competencies which imply ethical practice but these are rarely mandatory and would be overruled in preference to common practice should a case come to court. To date as far as I am aware no one has ever been struck off for unethical practice but may have transgressed professional codes of practice which would result in their debarment. Much of what practitioners consider as their ethical code is based on morals and acceptance of Human rights and informed consent. Comendable but often volunetary. Professional associations reluctance to implement an actual ethical code is probably more to do with the extra policing this would entail and relies heavily on the moral aptitude of its membership.

    Hey, what do I know?
  7. Tuckersm

    Tuckersm Well-Known Member

  8. dipper

    dipper Active Member

    codes of conduct

    :) Thank you, but i need to know british codes of conduct, however it will be interesting to see if there is a difference.
  9. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member


    Hi Dipper,

    Go to 'The Fountain Head', at http://www.HPC-uk.org/

    Go to Search keywords top right!

    Type ethics/chiropody, (Conduct might work as well?).


  10. dipper

    dipper Active Member


    Thank you Colin, this is just what I was looking for.
    The Ethics are the same as the 5 theroux ethics normally associated with health care.
    now i can write up my study. :)
  11. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    The Five Theroux Ethics?

    Hi Dipper,

    I'm glad to have been of service, sorry it took so long but I was very busy sharpening my Northumbrian Battleaxe for future use at this time. Typical, after all that hard work a truce has been declared, sickening isn't it! Peace, and jaw, jaw rather than war, war!

    Don't worry if you don't understand, the English have never truly understood the Scots anyway!

    More to the point I am interested in what is meant by the 5 Theroux Ethics normally associated with healthcare? My year on Islam was involved with comparative theology rather than the Ethical Field of the religion, (Nothing to do with the Five Pillars of Islam perhaps?).

    Theo out of my classical Greek dictionary leads possibly to a God given Ethic? Or am I off the mark and this is from Coptic type Christianity. I cannot remember reading it in the Didache the closest thing we Christians have to a Codified Ethic!!!

    It sounds like you have a Dissertation or thesis to write so don't involve yourself to much with me!


  12. dipper

    dipper Active Member


    Hi Colin,
    An apopology is required here,5 principles of ethics - Thiroux (1980), not as i wrote Theroux, spelling mistake sorry,I am sure you now know what I am Talking about, if not,I will let you know. :eek:
  13. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Five Principles of Ethics! - Thiroux 1980.

    Hi Dipper,

    Right up the wrong river without a paddle on that one?

    For others who are afraid to ask and are not in nursing, Five Principles of Ethics! [Tcchudin1993 citing Thiroux 1980].

    1. The value of life.

    2. Goodness or righteness.

    3. Justice or fairness.

    4. Truthtelling or honesty.

    5. Individual freedom.

    A healthy way to approach our patients me thinks!

    Thank you Dipper worth a rerun for some of us I think!!!


    Colin. (In this form new to me, also!).
  14. dipper

    dipper Active Member


    :) Hi Colin,
    Well done,and yes I totally agree,seems they have got lost somewhere along the line in some cases.

    My disseratation is only 8,000 words plus photos pictures ect, so a jog rather than a marothon.
    the trouble i always have is the Abstract, perhaps because, I blather to much (go on).
  15. C Bain

    C Bain Active Member

    Quote:- "I blather to much," Now there is a coincidence and a half!


  16. dipper

    dipper Active Member


    :D what can I say!

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