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Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by podtastic, Jul 4, 2010.

  1. podtastic

    podtastic Welcome New Poster

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    I'm hoping to get some advice on the prospect of working in Australia and ask for information on the possibility of sponsorship. I am 26 and have 5 years post grad experience, working in various settings as a generalist specialist with a keen interest in diabetes and biomechanics. I also have a qualification in lower limb acupuncture. Ideally I'd like to experience rural work in Australia, as I worked rurally for 4 years and enjoyed it. My current role is in a small city and although I love my job, the role is not as challenging as before and I feel now is the time to move on and try something new. If anyone can offer me some information on this, I would be very grateful.

  2. brett

    brett Active Member

    hi Aimee,

    Sponsorship isnt easy to get but i can assist you.

    i can get you sponsorship.

    please cont me on Brett@ywrec.com.au
  3. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

    As you are under 27 you could go for a rural migration visa.

    This is a very good visa especially as you are offering a needed professional skill especially desireable in rural areas.

    IMHO you do not need a sponsor due to your qualification and age.

    Go to the Australian Podiatry Council web site

    also the Regionla health registration board web sites.

    Also the Australian regional podiatry associations.

    There are many jobs listed on the various web sites and assistance with visas is usually forthcoming and maybe even sponsorship.

    So good luck.

    I have been here for 4 years on a 457 Skilled migration visa, i have permanent residency . But i have decided to return home end of july after an excellent four years here in Sydney.

    My favourite place is Tasmania.:drinks

    Fantastic place and there were some interesting jobs available in Hobart, launceston and Devonport recently.

    regartds David
  4. podtastic

    podtastic Welcome New Poster

    Thank you for your responses, I'm grateful that there are people out there willing to help and I'll definitely look into those websites suggested. I very interested in the rural visa, however I turn 27 in October and I'm still unsure of my timescale at the moment. How long was the process for you David in terms of securing a job and getting yourself out there?

  5. DAVOhorn

    DAVOhorn Well-Known Member

    I am old ie over 45 when i applied for my 457 visa so it took 9 monthe.

    My colleague who is 30 took a whole 6 weeks as he is young and beautiful.

    Age is very important here for a variety of visa's.

    Also he did not have to do the competency exam as i had to.

  6. Sarah_Natali

    Sarah_Natali Member

    iF you want to work in a rural area I can highly recommend Robinvale health Services. They are on the Murray river on the boarder of VIC and NSW -they offer relocation allowance bonus if you stay 2yrs and can help with Visas and accomodation. Small ish town 4-8000 popn. 80ks from another town but self contained good friendly staff and people -I miss it -right on the river ace for water skiing good tennis club. nice weather. contact ruth fox rfox@rdhs.com.au

    there website http://www.rdhs.com.au/ ignore the fact that they don't have podiatry positions avaliable they do.

    And the reason I left - I like rock climbing and got offered a job in the town 10mins from the best rock in Oz - I made some really good friends there and was sorry to leave. I'm going up this weekend to visit.

    The work is varied you get to do everything as it's so rural. I loved it and it's not so bothered with funding asmy current job is here i spand a lot of time with funding and policy -there it all seems to just happen... wonderful

    My 457 visa took about 4 and 1/2 months. x
  7. podtastic

    podtastic Welcome New Poster

    Thanks for your advice, its been really useful. It sounds like an awesome place to stay!
  8. Sarah B

    Sarah B Active Member

    Hello Aimee

    I don't have a job to offer you (or any other vested interest); however I do have some experience of migrating from the UK to Australia.

    You have a number of options, as far as your visa goes. Employer sponsorship is cheaper for you, but your visa is tied to your sponsor. This is fine if you like the job & your boss; but if you decide that you don't want to work for them any more, you'll need to find someone to take over your sponsorship. If you were fired from your job, you'd have 28 days in which to make alternative arrangements.

    Permanent residence is what it says it is. There are different types, and the rules have change significantly in the last 12 months alone - the type that gives you autonomy over your work and home life is the cunningly-named 'independent migration visa'. The advantage is that it gives you the right to stay in Aus indefinitely, but it is more expensive for the applicant than having a sponsor.

    Your other option is the Working Holiday Visa, which is relatively cheap, but entitles you to a stay of only 1 year (it can be extended if you do farm work in rural Australia, but not if you wish to do podiatry).

    It is usually possible to enter Aus on one type of visa and apply for a different one once you're here; e.g. you could come on a working hol visa, and if you like it apply for sponsorship or a permanent residency visa.

    The type of visa you'd need will come down to your circumstances and preferences. I knew I was coming here to stay, and wanted the flexibility and permanence of an independent visa, which meant that the cost was worth the extra time and money it took to get to the visa grant stage.

    There are numerous types of visa, and the above is a summary of the main types I know about. If the election brings a new government, there may well be changes to the visa processing system (they talk of reducing the number of visas issued by two-thirds) - how this will affect each visa type has not been revealed. There are sites similar to this one for people considering migrating to Australia (e.g. www.pomsinoz.com), which may also help to answer some of the questions you may have.

    I'd also suggest that you do some research into this country. It's massive, and varies greatly in terms of landscape, lifestyle and environment - that way you can make an informed choice about where you'd like to go, and what you'd want to do. If you like the beach, a place like Robinvale would not be ideal (I'd hate being so far from the ocean) - but if you hate the sea you may prefer the climate and surroundings of being further inland.

    If you have any specific questions you'd like help with, you're most welcome to drop me a PM.

    Good luck!

  9. Emma

    Emma Member

    Hi Aimee!!!
    I agree with everything that Sarah B has said......I moved from the UK to Australia around 2 years ago. I had previously worked in the NHS for 10 years in rural areas in a variety of settings, community, hospital and had had a management role.......
    The biggest thing I have learnt is that you need to forget everything that the NHS teaches you......the funding model is completely different especially when you start looking at working within rural areas.

    My work experience here includes public health rural and remote community employment in NSW and VIC I'm currently working in public hospital based employment in Metro SA....I have spent a year in both.....

    My main piece of advice is to consider what type of podiatry work you really want to do.......
    I have found (personal thoughts only!) public health rural work is very generic and mainly low risk.....I was frustrated by thick heel callus and fissuring on young healthy adults who wanted a cheap pedicure.....the upside was though, those 1 or 2 people that needed high risk intervention, ie woundcare, I was able to see as often and easily purchase high quality dressings. Accessing custom shoes was very difficult though due to the large distances needed to be travelled to get to the shoe makers!
    Working in a public hospital in the metro area is more of a supportive environment, the majority of the patients are at very high risk of amputation and mainly have wounds...highly challenging as you can imagine........

    Having never worked within private practice I can't really comment but I get the impression that is where most of the interesting biomechanics takes place.......

    I had been to Australia prior to moving here but I was still amazed by the distances between places........as Sarah B says, if you like to hit the beach then don't head towards the middle of the country........likewise if you like city life don't head to the country......

    The sponsorship visas are pretty easy to get and don't take too long - I have had 2 457's and have just got an 857 sponsored permanent visa. The longest wait is for your qualifications to be assessed by the APodC.............

    I would just add.....read between the lines on job advertisements...if places are offering 'perks' then think carefully why.......ask a lot of questions, Podiatry is a small world ask around.....facebook is also a useful way of looking into towns maybe the opinions of the locals are more honest than the opinions on the offical tourism websites....

    I wish you good luck and if you have any specific questions please email me

  10. Virginia Hall

    Virginia Hall Active Member

    Hi Aimee

    Sponsorship doesn't have to be difficult, but there is a process that has to be accommodated. I suspect the recruitment companies try and talk up the challenge to encourage you to utilise their services. I actually sponsored David (and the beautiful younger one). And Yes his took extra work on my behalf as he stated in his response but it worked out well. we have since sponsored 2 other podiatrists. With no difficulties.

    Our practice is quit large which means the business easily qualifies & we run extensive training. So as long as you find a position willing to sponsor you and can prove to immigration they can cover the previously mentioned aspects the immigration process doesn't take long. It is sometimes takes longer to collect all your information for the registration board.

    I'm not sure specifically about whether the immigration department considers looks when approving visas - but perhaps we should encourage them to include a photo of the young men so that we 40+ ladies have some nice looking young men to work with (lol).

  11. footsteps2

    footsteps2 Active Member

  12. Lauren84

    Lauren84 Member

    What happened?

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