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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by xtine, Nov 12, 2013.

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  1. xtine

    xtine Welcome New Poster

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    Hi all,
    I'm doing an Access to HE course in Healthcare as I wish to pursue a degree in Podiatry at uni next September. I'm 32 and have decided to change careers (art and design background and have run a pub for the last 8 or so years!) so quit my job, back at college and here I am...massive change but no regrets whatsoever.

    I'm really excited about getting stuck in to the degree - if any of you have any advice of what to expect on the degree/in the future, I'd love to hear from you. I've already had some experience (not much) at a podiatrist clinic and loved every moment and knew it was definitely where I wanted to go.

    So, hello, and hope to speak to you soon :D
  2. Jacqui Walker

    Jacqui Walker Active Member

    Like you I did an access course - 10 years ago now and I was 40 (and not the youngest on the course), and thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, and in particular the Podiatry degree - I studied at Plymouth - brilliant!!

    As for being prepared, as long as you have the course prospectus that should give you some idea of what you'll be up against. Go in with an open mind, be prepared to go through some tough times. The best piece of advice is - if you don't understand - ASK - because you can guarantee if you don't get it, at least one other person in the room and maybe many more are in the same situation but too shy to ask! Take advantage of the library and in particular the staff that work there - they are a mine of information.

    Good Luck. Best thing I ever did.
  3. Lois_B

    Lois_B Member

    Hi there :)
    I am currently a first year pod student at UEL. Although I don't have advice on the future, I will say that the course is extremely intense! We are expected to work 40 hours a week (where around 20 hours are contact time i.e. in lectures or seminars so there isn't much free time, then again the study is fun so it isn't so much if a burden as it seems :)
    I would advise doing some pre-reading on the basics of lower limb anatomy just to get you used to some over the terminology such as superior, inferior, medial etc. There are also some marvelous youtube videos if reading isn't your thing.
    Feel free to message me about anything that I can help you with, although I am only first year. There are other pod students on here if you need a second or third year pod :)
    As Jacqui said above, the best thing ever- it is a brilliant course!
  4. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    Hi Lois

    I went to UEL and I loved the course! If you need any of the course books (yes I know we use journals alot but sometimes one just needs to read a book at home instead of just in a library when doing essays!!!) then let me know as I was thinking of selling some of them on eBay.

    One bit of advice is that, as UEL does group final year projects, try and get into a really good group dynamic REALLY early on, that will see you through to the end - as it is very harrowing trying to rush around at the last minute and find people you would feel comfortable risking a large chunk of your final year results on!!!

    I wish you both the very best of luck!

    Kind regards

    Linda Russell
  5. Lois_B

    Lois_B Member

    Hi Linda,

    They keep stressing on books funnily enough but not much on journals! I've given up renting the books as they are so heavy to carry (currently a 2 hour-ish commute to and from the university so big bags are a no no especially in rush hour :wacko: ) so having my own copies would be great. Could you let me know which books you have? I already have a few from the ones they recommended.

    Thanks for the advice! I will definately bear it in mind; some of the pods are a bit all over the place so it wouldn't be great to put my degree in their hands :eek:
  6. xtine

    xtine Welcome New Poster

    Hey Lois,

    Regarding your commute, where do you travel from? I've ruled out UEL as I live in Reading and the thought of a journey across London every day is just too much to comprehend - I'm hoping to go to Southampton where I'll have an hour-ish drive every morning - that's without rush hour factored in...

    How do you cope with it? I suffer from FM (a chronic pain syndrome and associated rubbish that goes along with it) so would prefer to drive myself. I must admit, I am quite apprehensive of the journey but I'll get used to it. At the moment my college is less than 3 miles away and it still takes me 40 mins to get there by bus!
  7. Lois_B

    Lois_B Member

    Hi xtine,
    I come from Morden in Surrey; the very end of the Northern line! The 2 hours includes a bus journey and walk to the uni. The one advantage of UEL is that UEL's clinics are on site. Durham, Northampton and Plymouth (my other choices) were not close to the universities so you still had to travel elsewhere.

    The only way I cope is by squeezing my strees foot we were given! You really do have to barge people out of the way when commuting :boxing: Though I always seem to get bruises and cuts somehow, regardless of how early I leave in the mornings. Learning short-cuts would be handy if you are driving to Southampton as rush-hour is every man for himself quite literally.
  8. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member


    Im such a swot I had practically every book on their lists! Quite simply I dont like missing anything and I love having books open when writing essays but of course the most up to date stuff you get from the journals!

    It would be easier if you private message me and tell me what books you need (for each year!) and I will tell you if I still have it (Ive sold some). I used to 'lend' them but when I NEVER got them back - so I got wise!

    The 3rd year books are pretty pricey so try not to buy those new.

    The very best of luck to all you students who've started or intend to start a Degree course soon - Im pretty sure you will get alot out of it and hopefully enjoy being Pods at the end.

    Kind regards

    Linda Russell
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