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Vote"Yes"for a sunny future!

Discussion in 'Break Room' started by werg, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. werg

    werg Member

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    The First Minister of Scotland announced today that in the event of a YES vote,he would ban inclement weather making an INDEPENDANT SCOTLAND the sunniest place on the planet.He went on to say that he has decided that before the turn of the next decade Scotland would have both the Rugby and Football world cups in it's posession and have landed a man on the moon.Jesus is also rumoured to be paying a visit Mr Salmonds home in Strichen in June 2015.
    When someone stood up and pointed out that some of these things may be beyond his direct control,he screamed that this chap should stop being so negative and that if he didn't stop,he would get his people to shut him up. In a friendly,"joyous"manner of course.The man said he was "just sayin'",but Mr Salmond pointed out that he had no right to call himself a Scot if he didn't agree with him and in the event of a YES vote people who were not unrealistically optimistic about Scotlands bright future would be banned.
    And we all lived happily ever after........

    Yes or no,there will be stormy waters ahead for the whole of the UK.Might be a case of the journey being more enjoyable than the destination.I think I might be banned in the event of a YES vote!

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    Scottish independence referendum, 2014

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  3. Groundskeeper Willie has a few words also to say about Scottish Independence.;):drinks

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  4. werg

    werg Member

    All over now and I am glad to report the usual miserable weather in the North of Scotland.Never though that I would be glad to say this,but I would like to distance myself from recent rumours suggesting that Scotland has any chance of winning the rugby world cup,

  5. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member


    I'm very surprised the no campaign won. South of the border, but in the North-East, we feel that most Scots want to be rid of us English?
  6. Not at all Peter. Just the cess-pit of corrupt politicians and masters of the universe that currently run things - that includes many Scots too, of course!
  7. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

    ^ Agreed^
  8. werg

    werg Member

    Hi Peter,
    I hail from Kelso and my mother grew up near Belford,so being a product of cross border co-operation,wanting shot of the English was never something I could put my name to.Ironically,in the post election shake-up,I think the English regions may well want to give the SNP a small pat on the back for forcing the government into something that should have happened years ago:devolved power.The right result for Scotland and the right result for England,

  9. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

    I certainly hope a political shake up is on the cards. I'm originally from the Midlands, and it seems the government forgot where the industrial revolution took place, which dragged this country out of the middle ages.
  10. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member


    One element that was rarely spoken of in the run up to the vote on Scottish independence was that polls showed that the majority of English (I don't know about the rest of the U.K.) wanted rid of Scotland. This was because the English contribute £122.00 per head more to each Scottish person than they do to themselves. It is certainly the case that the West Midlands manufacturing base would have benefited from many English companies moving their production south, and I presume that the people of Portsmouth and Belfast would have loved to have taken over the warship manufacturing currently placed in Clydeside. When all is said and done, you cannot have your defence secrets going to a foreign country.

    This is a brief, and cold, hard look at economics from south of the border. In case Alex Salmond, Jim Sillars or anybody else should consider this 'anti-Scottish' and threaten to kill me, my heart is always with the UK. I agree with the vast majority of the Scottish people, we are better and stronger together than apart - and I hate Westminster too!

    Bill Liggins

    PS Who actually paid for the referendum? Was it the Scots alone, or the rest of the UK?
  11. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Apologies - unfortunately duplicated

    Keep the hooch coming south Och Aye!
  12. Clearly this was written with tongue in cheek, Bill. Of course, the Barnett Formula delivers more per capita to Scotland which takes into account the cost of providing services to remote and rural communities - but that should be balanced by the net contribution to the UK Treasury from Scotland which is substantially more per capita than any other region in the UK. Scotland gives far more that it receives - but you won't find many Scots moaning about subsidising the rest of the UK as they are usually, despite popular myth, fairly generous people. And warship manufacturing doesn't take place in the Clyde anymore - hasn't done for some time. It's based at Rosyth in Fife which is on the Forth. You would be welcome to take it south - and the nukes on Faslane and every other piece of military equipment or facility that blights these shores.

    The vote was a triumph for fear and greed all wrapped up in empty promises and propaganda - the sight of the Westminster menage a trios scurrying north to promise more welfare and free Buckfast to select audiences was truly laughable. When you consider what was 'at risk' - complete financial and political meltdown according the the FT last week - that almost half the population of a country was willing to take that leap of faith is testament to the growing disgust at the status quo.

    I certainly don't consider your post anti-Scottish. It's just ill-informed :empathy:

    Besides, the Scottish Parliament has already taken steps for summary justice... http://www.thedailymash.co.uk/polit...-legalises-hunting-of-no-voters-2014092390910
  13. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

  14. horseman

    horseman Active Member


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