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waiting room posters

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by poppet, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. poppet

    poppet Active Member

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    hi all,

    exciting news...i am starting my own clinic in a few weeks! so, thinking about the details, i thought it would be good to have a poster on common foot problems up on the wall in the waiting room but am struggling to find one...does anyone know where i could find one? i could make one myself but kind of have lots to get done first so buying one would be sooo much easier!

    thanks guys and gals!

  2. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    Word of warning, some people may just be "grossed out" by some foot problems, some people dont like been reminded they have a problem.

    We used an extreme Hallux Valgus pic for some advertising with very mixed results.
    "We can make a shoe to fit any foot", some turned the page very quickly at the sight of our "pin up chicks" foot:D

    l would use positive images if l were you, the pic of a childs foot cradled in an adult hand, bare foot running on the beach and maybe a pic like the Vasily use of a pronated left foot and an orthiotic supported right foot.

    Talk to some of your suppliers, they will have some
  3. MischaK

    MischaK Active Member

  4. MischaK

    MischaK Active Member

  5. scalikeet

    scalikeet Member

    I once had a simple poster in our rooms that listed quite a few problems that podiatrists treat .. It often sparked conversation and interest from patients .. Often wished I still had it or could get another !
  6. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    hi, thanks for the replies everyone. it sounds like scalikeet had the sort of thing i was after. so basically, graphic stuff in the waiting room is a no no in our view! what i was more specifically after was something along the lines of basic pics (not extreme/graphic) and decriptions of hallux valgus, hammer toes, plantar fasciitis/achillies tendonitis, callus/corns, nail probs etc etc...that kind of thing.

    so do keep the ideas coming...

  7. drsha

    drsha Banned

    Our Functional Foot Typing waiting room poster may be just the thing you are looking for.

    It works great here in the states.

    They are $25.00 + shipping.

    we also have brochures for the waiting room as well as one for each of the common foot types to dispense once your patients are profiled and classified.

    Great experiential presentation stuff.


    Attached Files:

  8. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    getting there but still not what i am lookjing for...sorry!

    more in the line of conditions rather than something that shows foot structures/positions.

  9. Me, I have pictures that I want to look at in my waiting room and large a world map

    most people have already decided they need to see you and If you work for yourself you will be surprised how much time you spend on the computer in the reception - imo make it nice and relaxed rather than foot.

    But that maybe is me

  10. ....;)....:D......
  11. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    spam....ha ha...like it.

    yes, we will also be having some great pics...mum is an artist so sorted on that point...maybe i will just put up something more clinical in the clinic room!

    thanks guys:)
  12. Thats what I have helps explaining stuff to patients

    Here is an dea I have had but never got around to doing

    35 cm * 35 cm white board 3 views of the foot bone structure printed on the white board


    then you can draw on the anatomy that is injured to explain to patients

    not really what you were after, but I have had that idea for awhile might help you or someone else

    ps good luck with the new business
  13. blinda

    blinda MVP

    I have a couple of Van Gough prints and other artwork in my reception/waiting area and an anatomical poster in the treatment room. Comes in handy to show pts which tissues are pathological, if they want to know. Many don`t want to see it though as they are squeamish. With this in mind, I have a handful of folded patient advice leaflets on specific conditions on display in wall mounted cases, which they can take/read if they choose.
  14. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    ok, great. i like both ideas. we have some leaflets and holders for reception for this purpose and i have bought a pinboard with white board on one side to go abouve my desk in the clinic room so i might well use your idea Mike!

    thanks for the good luck wishes too...:)
    kind regards
  15. Kaleidoscope

    Kaleidoscope Active Member

    The very best of luck Poppet!

    Im starting my own too - so perhaps we can swap ideas ? I love working in other clinics Im in but it is nice to have a clinic of one's own....ALOT of hard work though I know!!!

    At the moment Im doing both until numbers pick up. Keep us all posted

  16. poppet

    poppet Active Member

    ooo how exciting...yes, happy to swap ideas. feel free to PM me! i am in sussex btw.
    good luck to you too.
  17. $25 for a poster, Mike? I can get this one for $1.50 http://www.spam.com/Shop/ProductDetail.aspx?Product={7B78C1B1-2843-4B61-9593-DEE9EAC3B508} I think you might need to be more realistic on the worth of your idea and your posters ;-)

    Re: the 3 views on a whiteboard: I seem to remember one of the pod surgeons here having something similar on an A4 photocopy. Personally, I'm happy drawing it up on my whiteboard, even if the patients who come in subsequently ask if Grace has been drawing again...

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