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Welcome to the 1st Swedish trained podiatrists

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by mike weber, Jun 4, 2009.

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    Just thought I would let people know that the 1st Swedish Trained Podiatry students have been examined and 16 have passed.

    So welcome to the fold

    they completed their 3 year course at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm and have their graduation day tomorrow.

    Now the learning really begins.... Have fun

    Michael Weber
  2. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    Re: welcome 1st Swedish trained pods

    Big congratulations from England.

    Enjoy the Glogg!

  3. anDRe

    anDRe Active Member

    Re: welcome 1st Swedish trained pods

    Congratulations to the first podiatryst from Sweden
    Welcome to this great family that is the Podiatry community worldwide :drinks
    Many success to all
    Compliments from Portugal
  4. podoalf

    podoalf Active Member

    Congratulations from Spain !!!!!!!!
  5. Judy Gates

    Judy Gates Member

    Great news from sweden - we all wish you well in advancing podiatry in your country!:drinks
  6. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Grattis till Sveriges första Podiatry akademiker.


    Lycka till i framtiden.​


  7. B. Englund

    B. Englund Active Member

    Perfect swedish Mandy :D

    Thanks :drinks
  8. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    I owe it all to Google translate. ;)
  9. ortho38

    ortho38 Welcome New Poster

    Hi Everyone !

    Congratulation of the first graduated podiatrist in Sweden.

    I am interested and would like to get more information on the course. I know it is

    done in Karolinska institute but iI can find just a few information in English on their website!

    Is anyone can help and get more information on this new activity and the training content ?:dizzy:

    Cheers !

  10. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Jean,

    You have possibly already done the following search but just in case it may be helpful: Wikipedia

    Online information.

    Exchange students.


  11. carolethecatlover

    carolethecatlover Active Member

    What was the standing of podiatrists in Sweden before?
    How and for how long were they trained?
    Carole in Australia.
  12. Hi Jean
    The course is undergoing a review process at the moment. Things are still be completly sorted out. When the dust settles I´ll post a more detailed answer.
  13. It seems that the dust has settled a little more.

    Podiatry started 3 years ago at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. The 1st 3 years of the course was payed for by the government. After the 1st group graduated the course was to be run and payed for by the Institute. The institute underwent a review of the program and have decided that Podiatry education in this form is not required in Sweden. ie the course will finish in 2 years and there will be no new students taken in to the program. Those that have started will be given the chance to finish the course.

    Podiatry being new to Sweden has made it hard for the institute to see that it is very important part of the medicial make up.

    The institute decided to stop the course for many reasons but a few were the lack of masters and phd programs in the course ( a bit hard after only 3 years but it was a big reason), the lack of specific podiatry teachers teaching the courses, orgainisation of the course and problems with student practicial sessions under a podiatrist and the fact as they see it what a podiatrist does for a job is already being provided by foot therapists and orthopeadic engineers ( p&o). A foot therapist is someone who has completed anywere from 6 months to 2 years and will work in the pallitive care and diabetic sections with no biomechanics or heavy theoritical learning, manly practicial.

    As the review was being undertaken the head of the School provided a plan which would have addressed these issues but the institute decided that this would cost too much money. So the course has finished.

    The door has been stightly left adjar that the institute may allow the course to run in another manner and 1 suggestion was a 2 year masters after a physio, nurse type degree. Time will tell, but Jean I guess this means not completing a podiatry program in Sweden for you if you wish to study podiatry.

    Only being slightly involved in teaching 1 5 week course but understanding how good Podiatry would have been to Sweden it is very frustrating, but as it was explained to Sweden health care is acute care not preventative so why spend money helping someone from getting problems in the future wait for it to happen then deal with it then ( not very smart in my option).

    Here ends the news.
  14. dv1131

    dv1131 Member

    I am a podiatrist visiting sweden in June and would be interested in visiting the school.. I have been in practice over 12yrs in the USA and would be interested in running clinics for the students email: davidvelarde@msn.com
  15. B. Englund

    B. Englund Active Member

    Hi David

    I have e-mailed you the contact details.

    Björn Englund
    Karolinska Institute

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