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Whats the job situation like out there?

Discussion in 'Employment in the United Kingdom' started by h-pod, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. h-pod

    h-pod Member

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    Hello Everyone,

    Final year student at Huddersfield here, just wondering what the job/career situation's like out there at the moment?

    Im originally from Birmingham and carried out my placement in South Staffordshire PCT however I'll settle wherever the right job is for me. Whether that be in Australia, Canada or any part of the UK.

    hope everyone's having a great festive season :santa:

  2. footmaster

    footmaster Member

    Hi h-Pod,
    Hope you had a lovely xmas.
    I hear from friends that the work in both the UK and Ireland isnt plentifull, though the NHS may be an option but certainly not the HSC.
    However there is locum work available if your willing to travel.
    Send your CV to the society and they may circulate it for you!!
    All the best for the future,
  3. Julian Head

    Julian Head Active Member

    see www.headandshort.co.uk/jobs we take on one new graduate a year in a training post which is usually advertised in May/June each year. The post involves a lot of one-to-one training and inhouse cpd, we only take the best graduates so we get quite a few applications each year. The aim is to help the new graduate become a great all-rounder with a view to be ready to start an msc within 2 years of graduation.

    Keep up the hard work, in this tough job market the best graduates get first pickings.....make sure you get the best grades you possibly can!

    all the best and I wish you all the luck you are prepared to work for!

    Julian Head
  4. Marion A Murray

    Marion A Murray Active Member

    Hi Helena,

    Good to hear you will soon graduate.

    Unfortunately the job situation within podiatry is not a particularly easy one within the UK anyway.

    If you would like to work within the NHS to gain some further experience whilst having a systematic system of support and training, most jobs are advertised within the NHS jobs website for England and Wales or NHS Show website for Scotland. These are updated regularly but you may wish to check them weekly.

    I would imagine someone on the staff at Huddersfield will receive information from local employers so that should indicate what is available.

    Another way forward is to get some experience as a locum or as an associate in private practice. Personally, I found the NHS an excellent arena to gain useful experience professionally.

    Later I had more confidence to move into private practice but it is good to cultivate some peer group/professional society for support as you adjust from college/uni to work.

    Hope this is helpful.


  5. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    No chance!
  6. h-pod

    h-pod Member

    Thanks very much for all your replies
    I want to get an early feel for the situation so i can mark my attack upon the marketplace (both national and international)
    Hopefully there'll be a few more positions open up towards the end of term, maybe thats being optimistic! haha

  7. Marion A Murray

    Marion A Murray Active Member

    Hi Helena,

    Glad you found the comments helpful.

    Take care in job hunting. Besides the pressing and exciting need to get a job and the joy of practising your profession, it is also about selecting a place where you will have a satisfactory work experience and have the professional support of colleagues and good management systems you need in setting out.

    Remember the interview is still a two way process. Why has this vacancy arisen? What departmental and organisational changes are happening? Will you have a personal development plan and/or mentor?

    In starting out in a job it can be stressful in learning the ropes and it is preferable to be with colleagues whom you can get along with and develop some social support in whatever area you move to.

    In my first year of practice, I was exposed to a patient dying outside my clinic room and then a woman died suddenly outwith work a few weeks afterwards. My manager was many miles away and it was a lot to deal with at 21. Later, and wiser, I trained in bereavement counselling and now am trained as an emergency first responder... Having enough emotional support and some people with experience about helps one make sense of whatever comes your way. Hopefully you will have less such events than I did, but it is good to think carefully about the consequences of where you work and also maintaining relationships with colleagues.

    My podiatry experience had been over 25 years now and it is a great profession on the whole.

    Good luck,

  8. kal

    kal Member

    Hi Helena

    I was wondering if you are still looking for employment here in Australia???

    Im a Podiatry manager based in Sydney and we have a few positions vacant at the moment. If your interested or know anyone else who fancies the chance of moving to oz for a life in the sun and a relaxed way of working then let me know.

    Good luck with everything

  9. Tkemp

    Tkemp Active Member

    Hi Helena,

    I trained at Hudds too. Great place! Dr Davis rocked.... though you had think hard at times as to whether he was serious or pulling your leg.
    I work in Australia and this was due to Caroline (one of the tutors no longer there) emailing the vacancy info to me. I followed up, sent my CV, had phone interviews and was chosen for the position.
    So ask the tutors / lecturers if they have any vacancies emailed to them for new grads outside of Yorkshire. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone, as many students in my year went for the same few regional jobs and of course vacancies are limited.
    All the best with the finals and job hunting.

  10. h-pod

    h-pod Member

    Hi David, I'm still pretty much up going for anything at the moment! I would love an opportunity to forward you my CV if that's ok??

    Hiya Tracy, We've had quite a few come through but only one has been for Oz, even though quite a few people seem to be upping sticks and heading off! I am really adaptable and easy going, and to be honest i want to be put outside my comfort zone for a little while, i feel like my student time is over now i need to make a drastic change. And Chris is the don, hes head of podiatry now, Caroline left after my first year i think, but there are so many great lecturers there, i actually feel like ill miss the banter with them!! Never thought id say that!!

  11. nottspodiatrist

    nottspodiatrist Welcome New Poster

    Hi Helena,

    I have a full time podiatry position available in the uk if you were intereseted?

    Its based in Nottinghamshire

    ~ Email me at nottspodjob@hotmail.co.uk

  12. Fari01

    Fari01 Member

    Sorry posted twice lol!
  13. Fari01

    Fari01 Member

    Hi all!

    I am now really worried after reading this forum!!!!!!!!

    I am heading to do podiatry this September as a mature student lol even though am just 21! Still trying to convince myself that I am young!!!

    Anyway from info on the web I assumed that employment rates for PODs were very high! Some saying that 100% students found employment within the first year!!!

    However now from this forum I am guessing it is the opposite!!! I am from Scotland and when I graduate I would like to work here!

    Can anyone enlighten me on the job prospects for podiatrists?

  14. Julian Head

    Julian Head Active Member

    They'll always be jobs for those with top grades and those who actively seek work. Too many students think people will hunt them down......go for gold! This is a great profession :)
  15. daisyboi

    daisyboi Active Member

    As a podiatrist working in Scotland I can assure you that there is plenty of work for you here. Enjoy your studies and your chosen career. Podiatry is an awesome career choice, fulfilling and rewarding in so many ways and there plenty of opportunities for employment in many different and exciting fields. Good luck
  16. kal

    kal Member

    Hi Helena

    Email me anytime on david@ahpaustralia.com.au and I would be happy to give you advice or any help you might need.

    On a side note if you wanted to stay in the UK and look for work which I agree is hard to come by at the moment then ignore the comment regarding always be jobs for those with the top grades. There is a shortage of jobs at present but that can change from month to month and someone putting added pressure on about grades does not help.

    In all my years as a Pod and a manager I have often found that the best pods dont necessarily qualify with first class honours. In fact I qualified with 3 other lads who all got 1st class honours and none of them could hack it in the ''real'' world as they found the speed requirements too demanding. No degree can prepare you for that and experience is the key. Also some pods only find the desire to learn later on in life and I know a few of those who are now leading the fields in areas like Rheumatology.

    I agree with daisyboi in that Podiatry is an awesome career choice and if you want a job you will find one no matter what.

    Good luck and contact me anytime you want and remember the weather here in Oz makes it all that bit better.
  17. Tkemp

    Tkemp Active Member

    Fari01 - you ARE young!!
    I started Podiatry at 25yrs and there were students up to 50yrs on my course.
    Podiatry is a profession that embraces all ages and backgrounds.
    You'll probably find you're among the younger ones in your year :)
    All the best.
  18. Fari01

    Fari01 Member

    Thank you all!

    You guys are very encouraging and extremely helpful! I didn't realise podiatrists were so nice ;)
  19. h-pod

    h-pod Member

    David: thank you for that, I've forwarded you my CV, and I agree with you on the classification business. You can even see this in final year as "firsts" students can fail their final practical exams due to not talking to the patient, not associating with the patient and not relating the theory to practice. They may be ridiculously book smart, but at the end of the day we're dealing with real people, not dummies.

    Fari: I think the oldest person on our course was in her 60s, did keep herself to herself but anyone can do it if they have the drive to. At 21 you'll be one of the young ones! I'm 23 and people in my year are upto 2 years younger than me, but its nothing, you mix with such a variety of people that age wont be an issue. (well thats what ive found at least :) )

    Enjoy the student life, I'm sad that its ending but excited for what's to come. There's so much you can do with this degree, as I look forward to using it to its full potential in the future!
  20. sarah39

    sarah39 Member

    I find this site very encouraging as im 39 with teenagers and i was starting to think that i was mad to re-train at this age and aslo panicking abot there being no work afterwards.
  21. johntee721

    johntee721 Member

    I'm 39 also and about to graduate - hopefully, results out friday!!! Yikes!! - I've been advised that private is probably a good route to go at the moment with the job situation. Although I agree with a previous post that its all about getting out there and finding the work. Sitting on one's bottom is no good be it finding work or setting up in private practice.
  22. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    hi podiatry is like every thing else in life if you have drive energy work hard and grasp all opportunities with both hands you will do well.hovever you might have got a senior 2 job 30 years ago ie grade 5 /6 and guess what your still in the same job today going grey/got no hair , no future got no money stuck in a rut. i hope yours is an exiting and rewarding journey.

    god loves a tryer all the best
  23. sarah39

    sarah39 Member

    Good luck with your results

  24. sarah39

    sarah39 Member

    Hi Fishpod your funny, well god better love me this time around because there hasn't been too much love over the last 8 years. ha ha

  25. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    good luck sarah 39 confidence a little luck with a smattering of bullsh---t also helps . My modern couterparts would say be proactive.

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