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World Cup 2010.

Discussion in 'South Africa' started by Vernon Lever, Apr 17, 2010.

  1. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

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    World cup 2010 is almost upon us......can’t wait, as is the sentiment within the whole country. What a great spectacle this promises to be......looking forward to all the foreign guests to our beautiful country...and to a great soccer tournament. Hope to see some of you guys.
  2. conp

    conp Active Member

    Hi Vernon,
    Yes looking forward to it! My dark horse for progressing to quarter finals...........CHILE! I saw some of their qualifying games and they are exciting! Hopefully Tim Cahill does the job for Australia. Regardless of the results lets hope it is a great tournament. BTW it is the most watched event in the world. Yes it easily surpasses the Olympic Games. Amazing really.
  3. kaapie

    kaapie Member

    YES Boetie

    I am a fellow South African living in New Zealand and boy I would do anything to be in the lovely Kaap. The atmosphere must be so lekke!!! By the way how the job prospects for Pods in SA now? I obtained my batchelors in New Zealand.
    Is private practice the way to go or hospitals?

    Lekke Elton
  4. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

  5. I just saw that the USA will be in Group C with England.......too bad for all my British colleagues.....:boxing::drinks
  6. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

    Hey Kevin...got tickets for two games the USA are featuring in.....1st one Slovenia vs USA in Johannesburg, and the 2nd one USA vs Algeria in Pretoria. I saw the USA in the finals of the Confed cup here last year when Brazil beat them....the USA are quite an impressive side. Pop over to SA and come support your team man!!! regards, Vernon.:welcome:
  7. Hopefully all the US soccer fans won't look like this one.:rolleyes:

    Attached Files:

  8. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

    Hell no man.....please dont tell me that is YOU???:bang:
  9. I'm not quite that hairy on my ventral surfaces.;)
  10. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Yawn! Yep, it will be a boring day watching the USA pull the ball out of their net like they did the puck at the Olympics!!:drinks
  11. With a 3-2 win in the last few minutes of the hockey match and the USA winning 37 medals versus the host Canadians only winning 26 medals in the 2010 Olympics, I don't think I would be gloating so much....:drinks
  12. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    I am baby! ....... and one quick exit for my mighty socceroos
  13. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Looking forward to some friendly football related banter starting 3 weeks today. In the mean time this new advert from Nike should whet the appetite. Love it.

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016
  14. Griff

    Griff Moderator


    Wow - what a vibrant and charismatic chap.

    At least he has no bias - over 2000 world cup goals from 76 different nations over the last 70 years and two of the goals in his top 10 are scored by English players who still play in the Premiership. Dubious to say the least...
  15. We wuz robbed!!!

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016
  16. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Apart from the goal being disallowed being farcical, you would have sworn there was rugby league going on in the foreground
  17. conp

    conp Active Member

    People work for 4 years to qualify. All the tactical, physical and mental exercise for the most watched tournament in the world..........and then an error by ref! (and it is a tough job) Please refer for a five second replay and make the right decision!

    You can ask for a review in tennis for a single point (and there are hundreds in one match). You can review a rugby try (union or league). You can review plays in NFL.

    IF EVER IT WAS APPLICABLE it would be in football. One goal may decide the match or even the tournament. The technology is there to get an answer in 5 secs.

    Having said that.....Ireland may have been in the world cup instead of France, Maradona would have been disallowed the goal against England in 1986 and they probably would not have won the world cup etc, etc.

    Come on the Aussies tonight (minus their superstar)

    (if I sound grumpy ....yawn......you know why!....yawn) back to bed.
  18. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

    Hi Guys, I was at the game and hat a spectacle it was. One of the better games I have been to. I, being South African am totally unbiased, and that USA goal should have been allowed.....you guys were robbed. Oh, one thing for sure, at least the USA play better soccer than the Pommies!!!.....they are useless.....just about as bad as Bafana Bafana!
    I have great pictures of the game, if anyone wants me to send them some, just email me and will do. Enjoy the rest of the tournament. Vernon.
  19. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Vernon,

    I hope you don't mind me asking. Am I the only one who finds those vuvuzela horns too irritating to sit through a match?

    If we turn the volume off then we lose the commentary too!

    The up side is though. If Himself wants the match on the TV I just go out.



  20. They are talking about not allowing that ref to continue on in the World Cup due to his game-changing bad call....hopefully no other country will have that happen to them throughout the rest of the tournament!

    I would love some of those photos, Vernon. You can send them to my private e-mail listed below. Thanks in advance.
  21. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    The video adjudication? by a off-the-field official will have to be introduced at the major events after this world cup's efforts. The mistakes continue at the Aust-Ghana game last night, with another ill-judged? full red card! They wouldn't do this to the 'big' sides, mark c
  22. I agree with Mandy, these vuvuzelas are quite irritating. You do not get to hear the usual chanting from the fans as you would expect in a football much. However I do understand the concept of using these vuvuzelas since I suppose represents the country itself.
  23. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016
  24. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Hate to say it...but you are right. After cruising into the finals England sucks so far!

    New Zealand for the Cup!
  25. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

    Hi Guys and Dolls,
    Firstly let me tell you that the vuvuzella's are truly an African (South African) tradition in soccer here and has been for many years. Every foreigner, and their kids and spouses have bought them, and it is them that go berserk blowing them at the games. I assure you, one has to be there at the game to hear the "gees" which means spirit at these soccer games. Each and every tourist will buy them and take them home to their respective countries, so the vuvuzella is here to stay.....get used to it folks. Besides that the world cup has been fantastic and it is really awesome to see so many tourists enjoying themselves here in Sunny South Africa. Regards, Vernon
  26. Vernon:

    Thanks for the World Cup gifts. Even though I would love to fly half way around the world to South Africa to see the USA demolish their competition, alas, I am flying to Disneyland Hotel this morning to attend a large podiatry conference where I don't, for a change, need to lecture. However, we will all be rooting Team USA toward a victory against Ghana on Saturday and hope the referee gods are with us in the next few matches.

    By the way, World Cup fever has picked up considerably here in the US since the US made it into the top 16. In fact, the win from yesterday was front page splash headlines in the Sacramento Bee. I do believe that soccer has finally made the turn here in the States and predict, that within the next 20 years you will see the USA in the top 2. Hopefully I'll still be around to see that event.
  27. Griff

    Griff Moderator


    I have been watching several US soccer player in the Premier league for the last season or two, and also haven't missed much of the World Cup so far, and have been very impressed with the overall performance of the Group C winners. I'll go one better than you - I believe the US will be genuinely challenging for semi-final and final positions in the next 4-8 years. And I say that as a die hard 'In-ger-land' fan. Painful to say but I fear in my lifetime I'm more likely to watch the US lift the trophy than my beloved Blighty...
  28. Vernon Lever

    Vernon Lever Active Member

    Kevin, when you say thanks for the gifts, I presume you are reffering to the e-mails I sent you with the pictures.........right. I will send you the pics for the game last night USA Vs Algeria.....let me know how they came out....! Vernon.
  29. It's turning out a bit like World War II - the French surrendered, the USA arrived at the last minute and the English were left to fight the Germans! Keep an eye out for the Japs though.....
  30. Craig Payne

    Craig Payne Moderator

    A story is just breaking here this AM in Australia about 7 Australian football fans who were held up, tied up and one sexually assaulted at gunpoint in South Africa. Shots were apprently fired.

    All this happened several days ago.

    The big news so far here (assuming the story is true) is why has the news of this been suppressed by the South African govt? (...well I think we know why, but they are coming off looking worse for keeping a lid on the story)
  31. NewsBot

    NewsBot The Admin that posts the news.


    Aussies robbed at Cup

    Australian fans bound and robbed in South Africa
  32. They think it's all over.. it is now, that's 4.:deadhorse:
  33. Graham

    Graham RIP

    Shame about the missed goal but the Germans were very, very good.
  34. No, Germany were good; I doubt they will win the world cup- they may, but I doubt it. England were shockingly poor. The best team won. But England need to go home, get a manager that can speak English, understands English football and doesn't play players out of position. The players need to go home and rethink their lives- they were all very, very poor. The FA need to consider how limitations on overseas players in the premiership may impact on National football. And all of them need to ask themselves, why did they not practice with a ball that was available months ago.

    In the meantime, FIFA need to consider how modern technology may be better integrated into the game. One of their reasons for not using it was that it was too expensive. Hmmmmm. Wayne Rooney is too expensive, a video camera from Dixons is not.
  35. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Agreed. Disappointing doesn't come close to how that performance could be described. The best team won. The manager? Well some of his decisions are difficult to comprehend. Gerrard on the left, and Heskey for Defoe when we're chasing the game???

    Only one person thinks it is a bad idea. Sepp Blatter needs to wake up.
  36. Wendy

    Wendy Active Member

    Wrong. He needs to resign and let someone who is not a technophobe run football. Rugby manage very will with a 4th official, players and refs respect the discissions and the game carries on..............it's not rocket science:wacko:
  37. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    No need for goal line technology... as any German will tell you it was clearly not over the line...

  38. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Some damning stats courtesy of those clever chaps at Opta (as of 27th June):

    Wayne Rooney has failed to score in his last 9 games for England, his longest barren run for the national team

    Wayne Rooney has lost the ball by being tackled in possession more often than any other player at the 2010 world cup finals (32)

    Wayne Rooney completed only 55% of his passes for England against Germany - the lowest rate in the game

    Germany have always gone further than England at each world cup since 1970

    Manuel Neuer's assist for Klose's goal was the first by a goalkeeper at the world cup since 1966 (Kavazashvili for USSR)

    The last time England conceded four goals in a world cup finals game was in 1954 v Uruguay

    England haven't won a world cup finals match where the opposition have scored first since beating Cameroon in 1990

    Frank Lampard's free-kick onto the bar was his 37th world cup shot without scoring, more than any other player (1966-2010)

    David James has never kept three consecutive clean sheets for England.
  39. The US fought valiantly but the Ghana team was better for the day yesterday. It was good to see a well-officiated match and the Ghana strikers had some beautiful and gutsy goals. Ghana deserved to win and the US team needs to work on not turning over the ball so frequently. The good news is that soccer fever is getting greater with each World Cup here in the US. Hopefully we will be able to make it further up the ladder next time around.

    Sorry to see our British cousins get beat up so bad by the Germans....wouldn't be surprised if Germany makes it to the finals.

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