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WP ointment

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by lmilburn, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. lmilburn

    lmilburn Member

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    Does anyone know where you can get this from anymore?
  2. Suzannethefoot

    Suzannethefoot Active Member

    What is it?
  3. lmilburn

    lmilburn Member

    It's pyrogallol and wheat germ. Very old treatment for neurovascular corns
  4. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  5. yvonnespod

    yvonnespod Member

    I used it up to 20 years ago .Unless you can find an old pharmacist good luck.Very effective
  6. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

    I've been using WP for 30 years & found it far more effective than Salicylic Acid for corns,especially neurovascular types. More importantly have had far,far less bad reactions occuring.
    Like all caustic ointments, it should be treated with respect & used sparingly.One should also be very aware, like all caustics, about the health of the patient one uses it on.
    Generally sold as Pyrogallol Ointment,its available from DLT SUpplies of Huddersfield or Trycare Ltd of Bradford.They dont always mention it in thei catalogues. As to the subject of it being a carcinogen,the articals seem to refer to it being used in vast quantities, not how one would apply it .
  7. Elizabeth Humble-Thomas

    Elizabeth Humble-Thomas Active Member

    I've used Wp ointment for many years. It is phenomenally effective on neuro-vascular corns. I last bought some from Lambs Pharmacy in London. It is pretty expensive, but lasts for ages. It is not the same as plain pyrogallol, which is a lot stronger, and more likely to cause problems.
  8. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

    Have used the plain stuff for years & not really been a problem but would be good to know of a reliable source.Tried googling Lambs pharmacy in London but nothing came up. Do you know any any more details?
  9. Nina

    Nina Active Member

  10. lmilburn

    lmilburn Member

    Thanks for all the replies. I am some what heart broken as I have just spoken to the very helpful man from Lambsmead. Who has told me that due to a european directive any product with pyrogalol has been banded, so they are no longer able to supply it.
  11. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

    Thanks but I contacted Lambsmead & was told of this .Damn those European directives!
  12. lmilburn

    lmilburn Member

    I agree
  13. Leah Claydon

    Leah Claydon Active Member

    You can still buy pyrogallic acid ointment from Patterson Medical (formerly Mobilis). They had stocks last month at any rate. I don't think it is very strong, it doesn't state the percentage on the jar but there is minimal staining post use so I imagine it is fairly low strength. It comes in a large brown jar but there is only probably about 40g inside (max 3 tablespoons). Haven't seen WP ointment for years, I agree with the above posters - it was very useful stuff.
  14. lmilburn

    lmilburn Member

    The plot thickens. I have just phoned Pattersons up and they had no idea what I was talking about. Any idea of the order number, they searched WP ointment and also Pyrolgallic and pyrolgallol
  15. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

    Pyrogallol Oinment definitely available from Trycare or DLT
  16. Mike Plank

    Mike Plank Active Member

    My pot of pyrogallic acid ointment is from Avonchem supplied by Algeos (not in their catalogue now).
    I haven't ordered it from them directly but it is on their website.


    May be worth a try?
  17. BristolPod

    BristolPod Welcome New Poster

    It is possible to get Pyrogallol powder from Lambsmead in UK


    This can be mixed with soft white paraffin to make an equivalent of W.P. Ointment. We are resorting to this because of the efficacy of W.P..

    Also read that EU directive banned it due to concerns over it being carcinogenic - but the quantities used in Podiatry are nowhere near the levels the reports indicate could cause problems.

    Hope this is of help to anyone seeking one of the "good old remedies" some of us still swear by!
  18. Althea Carruth

    Althea Carruth Welcome New Poster

    I am about to have some pots of WP ointment made up by a old pharmacist bu I have mislaid my copy of Reads Therapeutics. The recipe for WP ointment is just 20% pyrogallic acid, 20% wheatgerm oil in Soft white paraffin. Have i missed anything?

  19. simonfeet

    simonfeet Active Member

    As an old timer of 30 years it amuses me to go back to this Hogworts publication . But it played such a part in our learning. To quote Read:
    "Pyrogallol Ointment,either 20% or 40% strength mixed with an equal quantity of Wheat Germ Oil has enjoyed a measure of popularity in the treatment of fibrous corns. The preparations are known as WP Ointment. The effect of the Wheat Germ Oil is problematical although it is suggested that it inhibits the formation of fibrous tissue. Wheat Germ Oil is now difficult to obtain."
    Wonder if a research grant can be obtained to get the wheat germ theory proven? :) I got my last lot from Huddersfield Hospital. Still is great stuff!
  20. Althea Carruth

    Althea Carruth Welcome New Poster

    Thanks Simon. Yes it was difficult to get the wheatgerm oil.

  21. Althea Carruth

    Althea Carruth Welcome New Poster

    Hi, To anyone who is interested. I have 3 small pots of WP ointment that I have had made up. Since I don't often come on the site and you are interested in purchasing one then call me in Australia +61403873040.

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