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Supination Resistance

About the clinical test for supination resistance

Supination resistance is a concept that I have been championing for a very long time. This blog post was probably the most comprehensive piece that I have written on it. There is not a lot of point in re-litigating all those issues again here, so I recommend you read it.

The supination resistance test is not new. Kevin Kirby first mentioned it in 1992.

In my Clinical Biomechanics Boot Camp we spend a lot of time on it. I go through a lot of clinical tests and look at how many boxes each test ticks when it comes to validity, reliability, link to dynamic function and impact on clinical decision-making process. The Supination resistance test is one of a few clinical tests that actually ticks a lot of boxes. That is why I think that it is so important.

We have had a number of threads here on Podiatry Arena about it:
Supination resistance, STJ axis, Lunge test and windlass forces in shoe fitting?
Measuring and recording Supination Resistance Test Results clinically
Supination Resistance Test
Supination resistance and orthoses prescription
Will muscle changes effect the supinatory resistance test
Supination resistance and bodyweight

This all adds up to a valuable resource on the subject as they cover the pros and cons with dissenting views.

Recently, a device has become commercially available to measure it. See here.

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