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Addicted to Podiatry Arena

Discussion in 'Podiatry Trivia' started by Cameron, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member

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    I do find Craig's Podiatry Arena a great source of information and find myself reading it before the newspapers each morning. Thanks again Craig and crew for making this resource so rich and useful.

    What say you ?

    Hey, what do I know?
  2. DaVinci

    DaVinci Well-Known Member

    You are right. It can get addictive :) - much better than the mindless dribble you can get elsewhere and people actually participate in this forum intelligently.

    However, there is also help available:
    Center for Online and Internet Addiction
  3. LuckyLisfranc

    LuckyLisfranc Well-Known Member

    Troublingly, I seem to check into this website (and eBay) for 30 seconds or so, between patients, way too regularly through my day.

    I guess when you are banging your head away at the coalface, its nice to know that thousands of like-minded individuals just a click away when you feel the need to seek advice, vent frustration, or get some academic stimulation. :rolleyes:

  4. Donna

    Donna Active Member

    I too have been addicted to Podiatry Arena of late...checking in before work, between patients, after work...

    It became slightly disturbing though when, on Saturday night, before I left to go and see the awesome band Gerling :cool: , I found myself logging in *just quickly of course* to check the New Posts...:eek:

    So I guess that means that Podiatry Arena rocks almost as much as Gerling :p

    PS: CP, that is a massive compliment in case you don't know who Gerling are ;)
  5. davidh

    davidh Podiatry Arena Veteran

    Absolutely agree! :)
  6. For me, it's nice for me to have another source for intellectual stimulation and to be able to teach on a much larger platform than what I would have available otherwise with my busy practice.

    The Podiatry Mailbase that was started about a decade ago by Tony Redmond and others, served its useful purpose for many years in bringing many of us together from around this small planet of ours to share knowledge, stimulate thought and develop a camarederie among like-minded professionals. Many of my best friends within podiatry are those that I became better acquainted with through the Podiatry Mailbase.

    Now, Craig Payne and his coworkers have developed Podiatry Arena which, with its more modern format, seems to be very successful at allowing many more individuals to contribute to a wider range of important topics. It is incredible to observe the sheer volume of very valuable information that is being exchanged between foot-health clinicians from many countries on a daily basis here on Podiatry Arena. For those of you who have just recently graduated into podiatry, this simply would not have been possible even 10 years ago.

    Having known him for many years now, I know Craig Payne to be a very special individual. His tireless efforts greatly improve the educational level of podiatrists worldwide. Craig and his coworkers deserve a lot of credit for this amazing resource, Podiatry Arena, that positively enhances the intellectual growth of podiatric medicine worldwide. Thanks Craig, and others, for providing this for all of us. :)
  7. Admin2

    Admin2 Administrator Staff Member

  8. drgorgs

    drgorgs Member

    thank you all of you - for these information
    dr georges awad- syria
  9. yehuda

    yehuda Active Member

    I have learnt more from this site than I could have thought possible a year ago I check in here most days thanks to you all

  10. markjohconley

    markjohconley Well-Known Member

    been away awhile on a holiday...... the addiction is so strong haven't had a shower yet after an eight hour drive and i'm on the bloody ARENA website............. i'm considering putting myself on the "ignore list"
  11. Felicity Prentice

    Felicity Prentice Active Member

    ah.... the aroma of addiction - no, it's definitely a lack of showering
  12. John Spina

    John Spina Active Member

    It is a great website.Keeps my mind sharp.
  13. Trent Baker

    Trent Baker Active Member


    Having graduated about 6 years ago and studied under such amazing people as Hylton Menz, Tony Redmond, A M Keenan, Karl Landorf and others I felt so lucky to have had such a fantastic grounding in Podiatry. I thought, well it doesn't get better than this. Now being in practice for 5 years I felt myself falling further and further away from the inspired enthusiasm I had for Podiatry under these great teachers. Private practice can do that to even the most eager Podiatrist.

    However, having recently found Podiatry Arena, that enthusiasm for sharing ideas and broadening my podiatric horizons has returned and I find myself enrolling in as many conferences and seminars as I can. I'm back from the depths and it was this site that intiated the move.

    I have had so much professional growth and experience in the past 6 years and have so many theories and ideas, it's great to be able to air them in an intellegent and accepting forum. Thanks Craig and Co for providing a platform for such an important part of my professional life.

  14. Kenva

    Kenva Active Member

    There are only few ways to check how things are changing around the globe and Podiatry-Arena is - as addictive as it is :) - farout the best resource nowadays.
    I have to congratulate Craig & Co with their 'baby'. It looks like it's growing out to be grand seeing how fantastic it is today.

  15. fred

    fred Member

    two good things for me :)

    read a lot of information about podiatry and biomechanic
    practice my english :eek:

    special thanks for the net traductor even he give me sometimes very strange translation :eek: :p
  16. Podomagerit

    Podomagerit Member

    Thank you very much for this Forum.
    I found here the best resources to improve my knowledge on Podiatry, as well as interesting and stimulating discussions.

    Our favourite "kiwi" is going to have a few more addicts due to the new forum branch in Spanish language.

    Thank you all (Gracias a todos).
  17. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the site. I am enjoying reading views from other Pods about so many varied & informative discussions. Is it the same Tony Redmond from Hudds? I graduated in 98 & know he was planning to explore further afield. I just wish I could declare all the hours spent browsing in here as CPD points. Thanks once again,
    Regards :)
  18. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    You are addicted to a forum, if..
    • You always have your forum opened in the browser.
    • You restlessly click the “New posts” button, often seeing that there are none
    • You know some of the members better, than your real life friends.
    • Obviously, you are one of the most active members on the forum.
    • You are seriously considering meeting up with the fellow members in RL.
    • You feel like you own at least part of the forum, though you are not getting paid for it.
    • You link to any kind of forum threads often, since you have read or participated in them yourself.
  19. Secret Squirrel

    Secret Squirrel Active Member

    I love this site. I can't get through a day without it! I have only just joined after lurking for a long time.

  20. perrypod

    perrypod Active Member

    Yes, it's great fun and well constructed. Can someone tell me how it all started?
  21. dyfoot

    dyfoot Active Member

    I'm spending so much time on Podiatry Arena that my wife asked me if I'm having an affair with somebody on here!
  22. We should set up a Pod arena widows / widowers support group. This place is poison for relationships!

    "are you checking that bloody forum again?"
  23. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    'Himself' rarely questions my absence :confused:

    I reckon 'He' is sending CP money & enjoying the peace.......

  24. In all seriousness, I would have loved to had an educational forum like "Podiatry Arena" when I was a podiatry student, as long as the really smart biomechanics clinicians (like Mert Root, John Weed, Ron Valmassy, Tom Sgarlato and Chris Smith) were participating. However, the quality of such a forum as Podiatry Arena is only as good as the quality of the people participating and the quality of their postings. Without quality participants making quality postings on the site, Podiatry Arena would be just like all the other sites where there is much more useless fluff, and much less useful scientific and clinical information.

    Craig Payne.....you should be very proud of yourself for such an accomplishment.:drinks
  25. Leigh Shaw

    Leigh Shaw Active Member

    I think the fact that 3500 of us have already clicked on the link says alot about the addiction problem you have created ..... Bugger have to see a patient ... be back soon!
  26. eiregal

    eiregal Member

    Oh god what have you done to me - ive only been joined 2 weeks and im now completely addicted - the first thing i do when i get in from work is make a cuppa and log in to podiatry arena. lol

    thanks very much for such a great forum
  27. ysharman

    ysharman Member

    I would like to say that I have a life outside Podiatry, but since joining the PA it would be a lie!! So many threads, so little time. Brilliant! Thanks
  28. Heather J Bassett

    Heather J Bassett Well-Known Member

    Hi again, Sunday 2.05 in arvo.
    Had to write files for 5 hours Saturday! Told mysef how wel I had done! would not have to stay late on Monday!
    Work finished! a whole Suday off!
    Then I log in as the welcoming crew and catch up on a few threads!!
    +#?* just lost 1/2 of Sunday!!
  29. NewsBot

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    CNN are reporting:
    Internet addiction linked to ADHD, depression in teens
    Full story
  30. weefeemcdee

    weefeemcdee Member

    I admit to being addicted to this site. I am currently studying to become a Foot Healthcare Practitioner (FHP) and find the Podiatry Arena to be very interesting. So 'thankyou to everyone who post on this site'. I am so glad to be a member as I am learning loads.

    Perhaps withdrawal from access to this site may cause anxiety & irritability. In which case I will have to continue regular viewing of the Podiatry Arena for the sanity of my family. ;)
  31. NewsBot

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    Press Release:
    Internet addiction affects 6 percent of people worldwide

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