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Amazing insoles ?

Discussion in 'Biomechanics, Sports and Foot orthoses' started by Catfoot, May 23, 2011.

  1. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

  2. Probably shouldn't . Apparently if you don't have anything nice to say one should not say anything.
    That is a revolutionary design. Customed made is new to me.

    They look awfully like the old Scholl firm arch support from back in the day...
    What about painless pains, will it prevent the pain of painless pains? The pain I've suffered from the pain of Painless pains is terrible!

    Yes! You've been warnined!

    Same Sh!t. Different day.
  3. footdrcb

    footdrcb Active Member

    These ,or something very similar are marketed and sold in Australia in many pharmacys.

    They are nothing more than a bit of orthotic shaped material with a few strategically placed bumps on them.

    Ive seen them a few times when people come to the practice , saying they bought them in order to get some pain relief.

  4. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    The reality is that there are probably some people who will benefit from these. Good on them.

    There are others who will fork out £30 several times over for different types of orthoses claiming to be cure alls instead of going to see someone who will tell them what is actually wrong and the most effective treatment.

    Are they mechanically brilliant orthoses - probably not. Does it matter (assuming that they reduce the problem they were purchased to deal with) - no.

    See Craig's most recent thread on prefab vs custom

  5. Agreed. If it is a rebranded "firm arch support" it's not the worst pre fab in the world either! Although the durability was shocking.

    It's the marketing which grates so.
  6. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Of course, you are right Robert. It's the implication that we, as are somehow trying trip fleece the public that grates. I sometimes get the same thing from patients that I provide with prefabs. Almost as if they resent the fact that I have solved their problem with something so cheap!
  7. These resemble something sold by Lidl or Aldi (can't remember which) for a couple of quid. Have some patients turn up with them and they seem to have worked for them.
  8. If its the same one I'm thinking of it was actually not a bad device! Only good for a few months though.

    But It most certainly no do what it says on the tin.
  9. For Whom Robert for Whom

    Sorry could not resist a piece of toilet paper rolled up can make a good device.

    Craig Payne told us that when I was a student 17 - 18 years ago took me 10 or so years to believe him - ;)

    Good for some bad for others. :D

    seems your on the mend - watch out Podiatry Arena Robert is about to go crazy, there may not be a thread over the next month without 2-3 Robert Posts.
  10. You can talk! Mr "highest average post count!" ;)

    But yeah, back to work next week. My poker game will suffer.

    Hmmm. I think that you can can make generalised observations about a device based on more than whether it works for someone. I agree that you can sometime form the desired shape with Loo roll, but that does not make it a "good device". It will disintegrate. It will absorb sweat. It will change its form so what you issue won't stay as you make it. It can shift, and move in the shoe.

    I see your point, but I think it can be taken too far. There are criteria for a "good" pre fab which are independent of whether there is someone it will work for, somewhere. Think of the pre fabs you use and why you use them (as opposed to any other).

    There is such a thing as taking a concept too far...
  11. footfan

    footfan Active Member

  12. footfan

    footfan Active Member

    Now shes "published" a how to use bleach to cure toe nail fungal infections =S
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 22, 2016
  13. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Hey Jon,

    For your own sanity/hypertension don't let this sort of thing get to you. She's not the first (and won't be the last) person to generate a youtube video of clip art and poor resolution photos, cobble them together with erroneous comments that are about 20 years out of date, and do so to get the lay public to fork out 30 notes for a £5 'device' thinking it will do all of the things she promises them it will. And the best bit? Some of them will get better.

    Welcome to the show.
  14. Today I shall post in Haiku.

    "Magic beans" still grow
    beans the crop, nothing grander
    Fine, if you want beans"
  15. footfan

    footfan Active Member

    It just annoys me to think my nan, your mother/sister/auntie/uncle whoever would not know that she isnt qualified in ANY sense, Isnt registered with ANY recognised body and im dubious about there insurance.

    I honestly just dont want some old lady being fleeced by these pricks!! who will end up crippling her :butcher:
  16. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member


    You should start being an aggression therapist. Look at the calming effect your post has had on Jon;)
  17. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Either I truly missed my calling, or Jon didn't quite get the point of my post... ;)

    Jon - if my Mum told me she'd bought a pair if these and asked my opinion of them, I'd tell her to try them. The change in magnitude, vector or temporal loading patterns of reaction force at the foot-orthoses interface just might bring the forces in the target tissue to within the zone of optimal stress. Not forgetting our good friend Mr Placebo effect either. Bottom line - they might work.

    And if they don't? Well, I'm pretty certain no one is being crippled by these devices.
  18. How's that balance bracelet doing? ;)
  19. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    It crippled me :rolleyes:
  20. Greg Quinn

    Greg Quinn Active Member

    So.. if I can drag you back to the subject of the insoles...

    Would you ever recommend them to a patient?

    And if so... why?
  21. If they had only got £2 to spend, and if Lidl had them in that week.;)

    I'd like to see a trial of these £2 orthoses versus any other prefab in the treatment of say, plantar-fasciitis... bet they'd come out smiling.
  22. Greg Quinn

    Greg Quinn Active Member

    Ok... price, product placement and access aside... Why?
  23. Because they are cheap and some people can only afford cheap, Greg. Let me ask this: at a price point of around £2 to the patient, what other devices on the market do you think are better than this at the same price?
  24. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    How much is a squodgie?
  25. Greg Quinn

    Greg Quinn Active Member

    I think you may be pre-judging my thinking here Simon. I am totally with you on this. My point here is which rationale could we support here. That they work, that they're cheap? If so how and why?
  26. joejared

    joejared Active Member

    This reminds me. I need to take my insulin, blood pressure medication, and thyroid pills. I don't have a problem with sugar, blood pressure nor my thyroid, but it's best to not stop.

  27. footfan

    footfan Active Member

    Needless to say I will never advise my patients to buy anything off ebay , not even a fake rolex
  28. footfan

    footfan Active Member

    Ian , I know what you meant, takes me back to the old algeos slimflex thread ;). YES I accept 10 pages from the yellow pages stuffed in your shoe can help some people but my insult was personally directed at them : at there self proclaimed "excellence" , not at the product, specifically a person with no recognised - therefore regulated - biomechanics training how can they give this advice???
  29. Griff

    Griff Moderator

    Get used to it buddy. We don't hold the monopoly on issuing orthoses. Never will.

    PS. Don't forget that at this moment in time this lady technically has more qualifications than you (on paper) ;) Good luck in your finals.
  30. I think there are two points here.

    No one (I think) is saying these are terrible insoles. They're not. And as my rt hon colleagues have observed, some people will get better from anything.

    My problem with these is encapsulated in the OP title. AMAZING insoles.

    That they might do some of the things they claim does not, In my view, excuse that they make claims which they cannot back up, and make misleading and inaccurate statements.

    I am reminded of the people who sell vitamin suppliments as cures for HIV, or homeopathy for malaria. Both of these are valid, safe products for some ailments (vitamin deficiency and, well, I guess thirst, respectively). But thats not what they're sold as. A reasonable product should not make unreasonable claims. As per the magic beans. If you swap your cow for magic beans it is little comfort that they may yeild beans. Thats not the basis upon which you purchased them.

    Thats what grates. When one tries to hold oneself to making claims which can be justified, it is irritating when other people make no such effort.

    Its deceptive to patients, and p!sses in the pool in which we all must swim.
  31. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    defo 2 quid ****ty prefabs at 27 quidos ur not gettin value 4 money love the outrageos claims wonderin if they cure death.or pehaps make your manhood larger.
  32. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member


    why do you ask, is yours pronating ? :D

  33. andersonkchan

    andersonkchan Active Member

    personally , i think putting a patient in such a device, without a consultation , is in the least , irresponsible.
    Wouldn't the device in some cases- exacerbate the problem?
  34. andersonkchan

    andersonkchan Active Member

    lol. Every male teenager hitting puberty would be after one if it were true.

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