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EXCELLENT opportunity, GREAT rewards. DONT miss OUT!!!!:bang:

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by Stgpodiatry, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Stgpodiatry

    Stgpodiatry Welcome New Poster

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    A casual position is available in busy newly established practice working with 3 other podiatrists. Offering friendly reception staff and a strong referral base.

    Position is open to new graduates and experienced podiatrists. However, it would best suit a confident new graduate or experienced podiatrist. We offer an interesting and varied work load including GTs, biomech, PNAs, ECP referrals, paeds, and some home visit work. The work space is huge with places with lots of room for biomech, lab work and thinking space!!.

    Full support from our 2 other podiatrists who both have alot of experience, located south of Sydney.

    If you are friendly, professional and reliable with good communication skills both with patients and staff please contact us now.

    A great remuneration package is on offer along with the opportunity to grow in skill and have the financial recognition as well !!.

    If you enjoy your work as a podiatrist and are happy and outgoing we want you!!!!:good:
  2. Stgpodiatry

    Stgpodiatry Welcome New Poster

  3. LukerM

    LukerM Member

    Hi, can you give me more details on the position please. thanks, mike
  4. Tootsie23

    Tootsie23 Welcome New Poster

    Hi, could you please send me some more information, thanks
  5. Annie_88

    Annie_88 Welcome New Poster

    Hello,could you please send me some more information about the post,Thank you
  6. uel10ys

    uel10ys Member

    could you please let me know where about the practice is and if the position has not filled yet could you send me more information please.

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