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Local anaesthetic for Morton's Neuroma.

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by footdrcb, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. footdrcb

    footdrcb Active Member

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    Has anyone heard about dorsal injections of 2% xylocaine 5ml , into the site of neuroma. I anaesthetised a paitient one day simply to remove pain , and the neuroma appeared to drastically redcue in symptoms over the next four weeks . It now appears to have resolved . Fluke? Im not sure , I cannot seem to find any literature about it.

  2. David Singleton

    David Singleton Active Member

    I was taught this technique in a workshop in Australia. Not sure about the literature, but anecdotally has been shown to work. Lignocaine has an anti inflammatory action, I have read this in a paper somewhere, but cant find the reference. Others on here might be able help with the reference.....
  3. David Singleton

    David Singleton Active Member

    Here a few more for therapeutic use of Local Anaesthesics, not specifically on the use for neuroma/neuritis.

    Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. 2006 Mar;50(3):265-82.
    Anti-inflammatory properties of local anesthetics and their present and potential clinical implications.

    Local anesthetics and the inflammatory response: a new therapeutic indication?
    Hollmann MW, Durieux ME.
    Anesthesiology. 2000 Sep; 93(3):858-75.
  4. G Flanagan

    G Flanagan Active Member

  5. footdrcb

    footdrcb Active Member

  6. footdrcb

    footdrcb Active Member

    Excellent , thanks Dave
  7. bkelly11

    bkelly11 Active Member

    G'day Dave.

    Do you have any info on the workshop??

    Just out of curiosity, say for a inter-metatarsal neuroms, site 3-4, were would you inject ??

    PS Hows life back home?? Any plans to come back out??
  8. David Singleton

    David Singleton Active Member

    Hi Brian,

    Course I did was through the Victorian Association with Simon Smith and Mark Gilheany, run over two sessions theory and then the practical. Excellent course, not sure if it was a one off or runs yearly?

    The theory with the LA injection is to inject just proximal to point of maximum tenderness, and deep to the metatarsal ligament.

    Life back home is great regards watching footy etc... by the way what a cup tie Rangers v celtic yesterday, cracking game!
    Its a rat race here with ridiculously high fuel prices! Needless to say I will be back down under!
    Hope the info helps!
  9. bkelly11

    bkelly11 Active Member

    Cheers dave.

    One thing I miss is the football (real football). Stayed up and watched the game, very entertaining, Rangers teams in the past would have punished us down to 10 men. Looking forward to the replay, may need to put in for an RDO for a mid-week game though.

    All the best

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