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Organising Podiatry Arena's Content

Discussion in 'Podiatry Arena Help, Suggestions and Comments' started by admin, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

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    Hi all

    As Podiatry Arena has grown to the size it has (and continues to grow on all metrics sed to measure it), organising all the awesome content contributed to it by members is becoming important. What is the point in having a valuable resource if the information can't be found?

    How is the content currently organised to find:
    You can simply browse the forums
    You can search the forums
    You can browse the tags
    You can search the tags
    All pages are listed in the site map
    Newbies are directed to the New to Podiatry Arena? page

    Other organisations of the resources here is when the monkey, Admin2, adds a 'related threads' message to new threads so you can be directed to other content on related topics. There is also the sticky 'threads recommended for students' in the Biomechanics forum and the 'How I use Podiatry Arena in my Teaching' thread in which some key content here is linked to.

    The thread tags was a massive undertaking to tag all old threads and keep the new threads tagged properly so to organise the content under a collection of headings. Just look how many there are! The latest undertaking is the resources pages which is to not only further organise the content on specifics topics, but also provide links to other resources on the topic. Only two resource pages (foot orthotics and the diabetic foot) have been created so far and this will be in never ending development :bang: (there is a Resources Page link on the right menu of the home page).

    If there is something you are looking for and do not know where to start, go to the site map (linked at the bottom of every page).
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2008
  2. Craig and Company:

    Even though I think Podiatry Arena is an excellent resource, here are a few suggestions that I think may improve it.

    1. Make the list of "recent threads" (on the right hand side of the home page) about twice as long since there are so many new threads being replied to every day that sometimes interesting threads are off the "recent threads" column if you don't check Podiatry Arena for a day.

    2. Have a newcomers welcome page that gives suggestions for exploring the site to learn about Podiatry Arena, how it started, who is involved in managing the site, what makes it such a unique website, and how to post a new thread or reply to a thread.

    3. Have a few special pages devoted to getting non-experts up to speed with terminology. For example, have a page just devoted to foot and podiatric/orthopedic terminology for lay people. Have a page devoted to foot orthosis components and terminology with photos and diagrams.

    4. Have a page devoted also to seminars that members of Podiatry Arena will either be lecturing at or members may want to attend.

    5. Develop a page or bank of pages of clinical illustrations, photos, and videos that may be shared with other members so that they may use these illustrations, photos or videos in their PowerPoint presentations or for their own learning. These may for example, include surgical photos, photos of certain pathologies, videos of gait or videos of examination techniques that others can either use for their own education or for including in their lectures to students or to other physicians/podiatrists. This may become one of the most popular and valuable resources that Podiatry Arena can offer to the international internet viewing community.

    Hope this helps.
  3. Awesome idea! As an additional could we have a sticky thread for people to request such resources. Lets face it there is bound to be someone who has what is needed (or knows where it can be found).

    Can i also suggest a "who's who" for some of the more exalted members of the community with a brief resume, any published papers and areas of special interest.

    Those new in the profession may not have heard of some members of the board and it is useful to know where people are coming from!

  4. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Kevin!
    I have temporarily doubled the number in the New Threads block ... it does not look so good! The other option is for registered members to use the new posts link in the top men bar.
    There is already this New to Podiatry Arena page and this About page.
    Added to the 'To Do' list
    There is this conference listing page. As I have been busy with the Arena'ettes, I have not got on top of it as much as I should. One of the Admin2's is on an overseas trip - when she is back, its her job.
    I was on a Ford Mustang site recently and they used the same vBulletin software used here. They had a plugin for a gallery in which member posted photo's of their cars (they were a funny bunch), so it got me thinking of installing a gallery here in which members can upload photos etc as a resource....its on the 'To Do' list.
  5. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks Robert! :drinks
    The 'To Do' list has an idea for an Interview subforum in which, say, each month an interview is published with a member (and maybe some non-members who might be encourgaed to join if interviewed) ... your idea of list of published papers etc cold be part of that.

    The Bionic posters and Top 100 posters are acknowledged, but you right, more is needed to give credit where credit is due
  6. Craig:

    I don't think this looks too bad. It sure gives us more threads to look at in our initial logging onto the site without having to go to the New Threads section. I'm sure you will eventually be able to find other banners to fill in below the other banners so that the home page will New Threads block won't look like it is "hanging down there by itself".

    Here is your first photo for your photo bank. These two photos are about 20 years old and are of a patient with right posterior tibial dysfunction and asymmetrical right medially deviated subtalar joint axis. These two photos have been shown in 6 different countries during my lectures as examples of posterior tibial dysfunction and the correlation between STJ axis location and severity of pronation.
  7. Wendy

    Wendy Active Member

    I must agree with Kevin in that the new posts do not look too bad. Also thank you to Kevin for the photo's, I like many 'visual learners' find it much easier to relate to photo's alongside the written description so this will be invaluable if/when I come across patients that present with symptoms that are not normally seen currently in my clinic.
    Thanks again for all the hard work done by many to keep Pod Arena the best forum (and most addictive!).
  8. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    I have been working on it; added more modules on the left. Once we get the marketplace selling more, it should balance out the home page.
    The photo gallery is progressing - all the coding is done; just have to spend time on all the settings and other things first (eg the arena'ettes).

    Have you set up the weather yet?

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