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Podiatry soon in Sweden

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by PodBear, May 28, 2008.

  1. PodBear

    PodBear Member

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    hello everyone:drinks

    If any one is woundering about the name PodBear my real name is Bjorn and Bjorn means bear i swedish.

    at the moment I am in the end of a 3 month exchange study period at the university of Southampton and soon to be ending my 2nd year of thge podiatry course. when not in southampton I do my undergraduate training in Stockholm, Sweden at the Karolinska Institute (University). next year me and my fellow students are going to be the first ever to graduate in podiatry in Sweden. As this is a new occupation and education in Sweden we are currently in a very exciting stage waiting to see how we are going to be accepted as a profession. hovewer we are also a very small profession in sweden making this forum a perfect meeting place for us to get in contact with international podiatrist.

    dont hesitate to contact me with qustion, or suggestion for us as a new profession

    Bjorn Englund
    2nd y pod student
    Student representative
    Karolinska Institute
  2. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Hi Podbear,


    As you indicate that Podiatry is a new profession in Sweden I am interested to know what individuals provided lower limb care to those in need in the past?

    Good luck in your studies,

    twirly ;)

    PS. I was fortunate to have visited Sweden a few years ago for a few days. Such a beautiful country with friendly people.

    I befriended a Swedish girl on the ferry over & although my Swedish was very poor (nil) her English was very good. We communicated in 'vodka' & although to anyone watching our interaction would have thought us quite mad. It was one of the most memorable journeys of my life. :D

    PPS. I no longer drink vodka but maintain a great fondness for Swedish people.
  3. Nick Curry

    Nick Curry Active Member


    "I no longer drink Vodka".........................

    Yeah, right.

  4. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    Tsk, Nick,

    Trust me I'm a Podiatrist. :eek:

    Would I lie to you? ;)

    What worries me most though is that you don't even know me. :rolleyes:

  5. PodBear

    PodBear Member

    At the moment the footcare in sweden is a tricky business. for a biomechanical problem you will end up at the Orthopedic and then probably get an referall to physio or/and orthotist. for a foot ulcer you will probably first see you GP get referall to a district nurse and maybe orthotist. For a diabetic ulcer the road to treatment is even moore tricky, first the Endochrinologist, then to someting called foottherapy and then maybe to an orthotist.

    At the moment there are something called foottherapy in Sweden. a foottherapist has 6-12 month education and mainly work private with basic footcare meanwhile some are treating more serious conditions at hospitals but all of that treatment has to be on a referall from a doctor.

    so, hopefully we will make it easier for the patient and get footcare moore easy accessed.

    Swedish Vodka is good, but after a few month in england I do prefer guiness. maybee it is the vodka that makes us so friendly :)
  6. Aloysius Ong

    Aloysius Ong Welcome New Poster

    hi bear =),

    i am also a 2nd year student of podiatric medicine in the University of Western Australia.
    are the immigration oppotunities for a podiatrist in sweden?
    i am a Singaporean studying in Australia.

    Aloysius Ong
    2nd Year
    Bachelor of Podiatric Medicine
    University of Western Australia
  7. B. Englund

    B. Englund Active Member


    As I know nearing the end of my third and final year I changed my user name to be a little more sophisticated (same ****, different names:santa2:).

    As for now There is a lot of competition for the few job opportunities. This is sad since we are the first with a degree in Podiatry but unfortunately due to the economic crisis hospitals don’t employ at the moment. There is a market in the private sector though if you are a little bit of a entrepreneur. A couple of years ago a Podiatrist from Aus opened up his own clinic here in Stockholm. Scope of practice would be a little bit different from what you are use to though (no LA no POM:s) (much orthotics and diabetes). I don’t think there would be any problems getting you qualification recognised. Recognition is gained through the board of higher education. See www.podiatri.eu for contact info to the society

    Cheers :drinks

  8. drsarbes

    drsarbes Well-Known Member

    Hi Bjorn:

    What will the scope of practice be?
  9. B. Englund

    B. Englund Active Member


    The scope of practise will be similar to the UK, NZ and AUS except for LA:s and POM:s. This, however, will hopefully be a temporary situation as we hope to gain license to LA:s in the not so far away future.
    Podiatry started in Sweden due to the need of adapting to the rest of EU (European Union). The Course is quite similar to the UK (more or less a copy of their course plans I believe). So, it would be quite strange if the scope of practise weren’t the same. It is always a struggle though, constantly working below someone else’s eyes without people recognising your knowledge or really knowing what it is you do, but hopefully we get where we want to be sometime.

    Kind regards

  10. CHROM

    CHROM Member

    Hello fellow
    I read on some site that now is a good time to work as a podiatrist in sweden.

    someone is there or work there and can comment on their experience and how to access jobs in sweden


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