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Podiatry supplies To patients

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Airlie, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. Airlie

    Airlie Active Member

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    Hi all. What's the procedure for supplying equipment for patients? Occassionally I get asked and generally say no as those patients are at serious risk of self harm with decent double barrel spring nippers. What about the very few who are competent enough to reach themselves just have hard nails. My gut tells me no, too big a liability. Really interested to know what others think...
  2. neilnev

    neilnev Active Member

    Hi. This has already been well discussed in a thread from Nov 30:

    "Patient held non sterile instruments"
  3. footdoctor

    footdoctor Active Member

    Thing is, these same patients can get these nippers online, from there local chemist etc. Along with strong sal acid plasters, scalpels etc. Lets be honest, its not a loaded gun your giving them. Teach them how to use them and how to clean them properly. As long as they can see properly dont see the problem. If you dont give them the nippers and teach them safely how to use them, they will likely get an inferior pair elsewhere and do it wrong.

  4. Catfoot

    Catfoot Well-Known Member

    I don't follow your reasoning.
    Anyone can get anything on the Internet from cannabis, to prescription drugs, to hookers, to DNA tests, to porn, to nail clippers etc.
    If that's what they want let them get on with it, but don't get involved with it.

    Airlie said in their original post.
    it would depend on the definition of "hard nails". If they are pathogenic ie: onychauxis, onychogryphosis, then they need to see a pod regularly to have the bulk of the nail reduced.

    If they can reach their nails and they are not pathogenic, then I wonder why they are seeking your opinion?


  5. footdoctor

    footdoctor Active Member


    Your comparing the purchase of nail nipper to porn and drugs.easy now...

    My point is simple with a wee bit of guidance and advice regarding there safe use do you really think that someone can come to great harm using nail nippers?

  6. bkelly11

    bkelly11 Active Member

  7. efuller

    efuller MVP

    If you had pathologic nails would you go to someone else to have them done? It's not that hard to teach someone to do it right.

  8. Airlie

    Airlie Active Member

    thanks for opinions. The particular patient in question has generally though nails, no abnormal thickness or pathology, so I now wonder whether leverage is his problem and maybe podiatric nail clippers may not be suitable....thanks for posing that thought Catfoot...

    No one has mentioned so far that they actually have supplied nail clippers to patients?? Am I the only pod out there who has been asked or been told 'if I could use clippers like yours I'd be fine..' ?
  9. Christie

    Christie Member

    For strong nails and reasonable circulation I offer the option of trying the nippers there and then. I've never sold a pair but have given them the suppliers contact details. It never fails to surprise me how awkward people are or perhaps take my dexterity for granted. Not many try there and then.
  10. Dr. Bates

    Dr. Bates Member

    If the patients get their supplies from you both you and the patient will benefit. You will be sure the patient is getting the appropriate item and you can make a profit on the sale. Maybe it would be better for the patient to order an item from your inter net store. Dwight L. Bates, DPM, DABPS

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