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Sterilising instruments

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by ajs604, May 20, 2011.

  1. ajs604

    ajs604 Active Member

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    Can anyone give me any info on where I could get instruments sterilised. I am currently working in western suburbs in the public sector. I really want to boost my income so have decided to look at seeing some of my own clients. I am planning to do things as cheap as possible - so will start a small HV bussiness and would like to slowly build a bussiness. I am however stuck with the prospect of sterlising instruments and autoclaves seem to be between 4-5000k! It may seem like a stupid question but are there any cheaper laternatives. Obviously I cannot ask my current employer as in my contract it states that we are not able to utilise sterilisation for outside work purposes.

    Thanks in advcance.
  2. Tim Foran

    Tim Foran Active Member

    Go and ask a local dentist if you could come to some arrangement (cost) for them to run your instruments through their steriliser. Tell them that you will have them scrubbed and bagged but just need them through a cycle. Most probably will cost say $10 a set.
  3. Perry May

    Perry May Welcome New Poster

    I think you're going to definitely require an ultrasonic which will cost you 500 to 700 for cleaning. A used Ritter speedclave or a Pelton and Crane will cost you about 750-1400 which is a good investment and something you will have for many years. I continue to use a Pelton and crane for backup and it is a workhorse.
  4. markleigh

    markleigh Active Member

    Maybe also see if there are any Pods in he vicinity who would provide the service.
  5. 1956bigfoot

    1956bigfoot Welcome New Poster

    Not a problem, yes autoclaves are expensive but you can rent a class B autoclave for a little as £15/week which includes service and warranty. Try www.dentalhygienics.com
    good luck
  6. podesh

    podesh Active Member

    I replied in your aussie post, but try a local hospital, that what I used before I started working at a local GP practice. The Central Sterilization department did mine for me. i dropped the dirties off and picked up clean in the morning, used to cost approx $3.20 a pack.

  7. ajs604

    ajs604 Active Member

    Thanks for your reply. Ideally a local dentish or GP surgery if they would sterilise my equipment so may be a case of phoning around. Can I ask you abit more advice withregards to setting up a small business how should I advertise, do I need an ABN and what about insurance and documenting treatments - would appreciate any advice I am in the eraly stages?

    Thanks, Andy
  8. fishpod

    fishpod Well-Known Member

    think outside the box dont sterilise your instruments throw them away use disposables a set costs 2.99 uk an fca set nippers and diamon deb costs 2.34 no overheads no equipment no contracts or traceability problems no need to grovel to your local dentist or rely on them doing it properly ie no worries at all mate
  9. Andy it really sounds like you have a idea - great

    But are jumping into this a little blind, I would suggest you need to sit down with an accountant - a good one who has experience in small business.

    Also contact your local Pod association get all the info re files etc etc so you don´t break any laws that way, they will also have all the requirements re sterilisation.

    They will also have small business group go to some meeting maybe get a mentor or at least guidance from them re Podiatry small business.

    Look at the way your work runs things see what works and doesn´t take less ideas with you.

    Good Luck
  10. MJJ

    MJJ Active Member

  11. 2whiskers1

    2whiskers1 Member

    Hi Andy,
    I would contact a public hospital within your area or even approach your current employer/hospital and take out a sterilising contract with them - usually $15 a week or so. I was advised that it is safer and cheaper to do it this way as you have to be careful with making sure you meet the sterilising regulations and it's just not worth the hasle.
  12. Perry May

    Perry May Welcome New Poster

    Hi Andy
    Before you start or sign any contracts you should consider how many sets of equipment you have and how many you will require to run your practice. We often will process our sets twice during the day which would make running them to a hospital to process them practically impossible.
  13. dragon_v723

    dragon_v723 Active Member

    ok I thought I was paying too much to the dentist at $35/cycle
  14. MJJ

    MJJ Active Member

    I would think that you could lease an autoclave for less than that.
  15. dragon_v723

    dragon_v723 Active Member

    Any one know where and standard charge for leasing a sterilizer in Melbourne?

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