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Desperately seeking Doms Bag with trolley

Discussion in 'United Kingdom' started by sparkyclair, Oct 1, 2009.

  1. sparkyclair

    sparkyclair Active Member

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    Hello everyone

    I am seeking to get hold of a doms bag (ideally witha trolley) as I am starting to get back pain from carting my stuff around! I am in the UK (South) and willing to pay around 50quid (that's all I have in my wallet!)

    Any info greatly received.

    kind regards
  2. Squeals

    Squeals Welcome New Poster

    Hi Clair

    Simon from Canonbury here. I have an end of line wheeled dom bag available. It is an ex-demo model so not in perfect condition. I would be happy to let you have it for £50.00 (they normally retail at £240).

    It has numerous pockets, a handle, shoulder strap and of course the wheels with extending handle. It would be "sold as seen" but I would be more than happy to provide photos. Construction is cordura nylon in Royal Blue with grey detailing. It is similar to http://www.canonbury.com/p-651-canonbury-wheeled-royal-domiciliary-bag.aspx

    If you are interested please contact our Sales Office directly via email canonbury@canonbury.com and copy/paste this thread into your email (to ensure you get charged correctly for the correct product!!).

    Hope this helps.

  3. sparkyclair

    sparkyclair Active Member

    Thanks Simon, have just sent an email to canonbury as you suggest.
  4. Ros the Pod

    Ros the Pod Active Member

    Hi, I had to reply to your message as I have had numerous bags costing anything from £250 to £350 but the best thing ever has been a Stanley Work Station (currently costing £29 from Halfords!) I holds everything from my footstool to my drill. The handles fold flat so easily fits into the boot of my car. I have customised it slightly, adding "Chiropodist" to the front of it and it is the best thing ever,lots of room, lightweight and easy to clear. I also have a ruck sack which holds the rest of my stuff. Trust me I have been through what you are going through and this is the best thing ever.
  5. sparkyclair

    sparkyclair Active Member

    Thanks Ros for that message. I will certainly take a look! I am amazed at the prices that are charged for these things. I suppose it's because Podiatry is still a small profession??
  6. carolethecatlover

    carolethecatlover Active Member

  7. kitos

    kitos Active Member

    Hi Clair,

    No not a small profession ~ it's just that because anything with a hint of medical attracts higher prices!

    Timesco also do some very good bags.

    Best wishes
  8. zsuzsanna

    zsuzsanna Active Member

    I have been using a small "suitcase" made of aluminium I think but it has coloured sides and compartments inside for my bits and pieces. I have attached it to a "suitcase carrier" on wheels using a rubber "octopus" It has hooks at the end, like the thing you would use to secure something to a roof rack. I think the "suitcase" thing cost me about £10 and the wheels maybe £15? It was ten years ago! In B&Q or Homebase?
    Hope you get what you want.
  9. carolethecatlover

    carolethecatlover Active Member

    Here in the land of Oz, I was in the German shop ALDI last night and I saw the perfect Doms bag. It was called a 'workstation' and was 40 aussies$ It had 2 boxes and numerous pull-out trays. On wheels, with a handle. I am still regretting not buying it. Carole
  10. sparkyclair

    sparkyclair Active Member

    i think i may have found my solution but i really appreciate all your responses. It's great info for me and anyone out there who is developing a bad back carrying all their stuff around!!
  11. sparkyclair

    sparkyclair Active Member

    Hi Simon

    You helped me a while back with a doms bag, thanks for that. You wouldn't happen to know if there's a doppler available for under £100. I can't really afford more as I am still in the set up stages and money is obviously very tight at the moment.

    Would really appreciate any help, but if you can't, thanks for reading this.


  12. kitos

    kitos Active Member

    My sound weird but try Ebay. I picked up 2 brand new Huntleighs some while ago. They were over your price but definitely very good value. Remember it is a diagnostic tool and therefore must eb trusted...some cheap versions a) may not be as versatile b) be as accurate or c) last as long.

    Best wishes

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