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How to make podiatry rooms nice

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by podtiger, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. podtiger

    podtiger Active Member

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    Apologies for the title of this.
    I am currently looking to freshen up the look of my Podiatry practice. I have been here a couple of years now and I feel things need to be reinvigorated perhaps for my own benefit too. I'd like to do a call out for any ideas regarding aesthetics of a Podiatry practice.
    Obviously its a personal thing but would like to hear how pods out there present their rooms.

    I understand functionality is most important but I guess your practice can be an extension of who you are
    Photos, family photos,what's in your waiting room, posters, Podiatry propoganda, shelving, do you sell anything?

  2. Boots n all

    Boots n all Well-Known Member

    l have just started doing another allied clinic day with a new Pod and l have to say, they have the nicest, shall we say warmest feeling waiting room and beyond.

    l have not asked but it would appear they have handed over the wall space to a few local artists, their paintings adorn the walls, all have a price tag attached.

    l would guess they have not paid for, but have some very nice art on their walls which look great.
  3. podtiger

    podtiger Active Member

    Thanks Boots!
  4. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member

    I had the same in my previous clinic. One of my patients is an artist & every six weeks or so they would bring new paintings to hang. The patients liked having something non foot related to look at & the artist sold a few too. He also gave me a painting at a greatly reduced cost in way of commission.

    No room in the new clinic though so in the waiting room there are some magazines, footwear leaflets & I also have a rack of local business cards as I like to promote others in private industry without the sharks who want to charge for advertising getting a bite. I don't have a radio or tv as I like to hear patients & find multi tasking difficult. ;) Everything is painted white as I think it looks clean & professional. I do miss the art work though.

    All the best,

  5. Leah Claydon

    Leah Claydon Active Member

    We keep our clinical spaces professional but with the addition of good art but our waiting area is bright, colourful, non-clinical with an espresso machine, always good quality fresh flowers, and often we burn candles to create warmth and friendliness. Lighting and cleanliness is important too. Probably the best asset is good friendly reception staff though.
  6. Nat

    Nat Active Member

    My treatment room has plants, custom cabinetry, and large, framed/matted photos of my family out enjoying our local geography (skiing, camping, etc.). I have a HEPA air filter and subtle scented reed diffuser to keep the air fresh and nice.

    The front office is warmly lit and looks like the attached picture. We have hot tea, up-to-date magazines, ambient music, and a retail wall for the patients. Our building has lots of windows and is surrounded by pine trees. We have an outdoor picnic table where parents sometimes sit with their kids while waiting for us to see their family member.

    Our office has medical grade carpet and feels more warm and inviting than "clinical." Patients seem to like it.

    Attached Files:

  7. RobinP

    RobinP Well-Known Member

    Below is a picture of our waiting area which we are complemented on daily. I would agree with previous posters that a less clinical atmosphere is nice so carpet and artwork in the waiting room along with flowers etc always goes down well, even if your actual clinical area is more functional and medical feeling

    Biggest thing, however, is cleanliness. Our waiting room and clinic rooms are always spotless and well maintained - painted annually. People really notice if it goes shabby

    We also use our wall space to promote local artists. Good all round deal

    Good luck

    Attached Files:

  8. Nat

    Nat Active Member

    Beautiful room, Robin. It looks very hygienic and comfortable.

    We thought about using sofas in the waiting area but decided against it as we were worried that some of our patients (elderly, post-ops) might have a hard time going from sitting to standing. We opted for chairs with arms off which to push. Have you noticed anyone having such difficulty?
  9. CFC

    CFC Member

    We do the same as is mentioned above - a subtle candle is always burning, we have art on the walls, up to date magazines and our reception area is spotless.

    when i first moved in to my current shop front and had to do extensive remodelling, i tried to decorate it a bit like my home - so it felt less clinical and more inviting. We always get complimented on how 'lovely' it is.
  10. Mr C.W.Kerans

    Mr C.W.Kerans Active Member

    Both Nat in #6 and Robin in #7 above show us all exemplars of how it should be. I'm rather jealous of both, in truth. Both are excellent for patient perception and can only be very pleasant environments in which to spend a working day. Congratulations to you both.
  11. podtiger

    podtiger Active Member

    Thanks guys. I agree with the cleanliness thing. It's something I do notice when I visit other clinicians. Thanks for uploading pics. Great rooms!
  12. Pauline burrell-saward

    Pauline burrell-saward Active Member

    Bit late reading the above, however here is my penny worth.

    My surgery and waiting room are small(10feet x10 feet each) and are rented so change is minimal.

    decorating yearly most important, I keep it clinical with some nice touches.

    coffee machine, sturdy chairs with hand grabs( lets face it most of our pts need this) candles

    fresh flowers every week, magazines ( and yes I do have "Hello" we all like a gossip) but also local daily papers and church magazines

    A big display of feet things to buy( corn plasters , creams etc) its amazing how much I sell.

    My surgery has graphic posters of feet anatomy, didnt think to have these for years, but pts seem to like them and we have lots of converations about feet type which are often used by me to "teach" my pts about various conditions. also a shelf of medical books, this is for me!!!

    In the end its where I spend most of the time so I want it as pleasant as possible
  13. tinachen123

    tinachen123 Banned

    I think the whole decoration seems quite beautiful, but i feel the room need to be decorate with some green trees or grass. And there are no need to add more light. The color of the wall is too deep.
  14. Nat

    Nat Active Member

    Grass inside the building?
  15. W J Liggins

    W J Liggins Well-Known Member

    What (s)he smokes is up to him/her but Ethical and the HPC might be interested! :santa2:



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