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Looking for a rewarding and challenging career in Private Practice?

Discussion in 'Employment in Australia' started by matthewkeating, Jan 19, 2017.

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    South East Podiatry group has 8 podiatry clinics nationally and we are looking for a motivated and driven full time Podiatrist for our Gippsland region. You will join a team of 10 full time podiatrists and 16 administrative staff including a General Manager, Leadership group and senior mentors. Due to growth and expansion we want YOU to join our team!

    We encourage a team environment and focus exceptionally hard to maintain a rewarding and fulfilling workplace as one of the leading practice groups in the industry.

    This role will entail you fronting a new location as well as sessions in one of our well established practices.
    If you are looking for a new challenge in your podiatry career, or aspire to eventually own your own practice then this position is the perfect platform to not only give you a rewarding experience immediately but also gain the necessary skills for your future aspirations.

    The position is open to mature and driven new graduates with a hard work ethic, passion and drive to take on such a rewarding role. Full training is provided as well as regular CPD sessions and meetings to ensure your annual CPD is met. We also provide up-skill opportunities such as foot mobilization techniques, dry needling, surgical/complex therapies and more.

    Managing Director Matthew Keating is one of the most qualified Podiatrists in Australia becoming an endorsed medicines prescriber in 2013, he is also a master technician in shockwave therapy, surgical assistant, lecturer at the University of Western Australia in Podiatric Medicine, as well as director of the commercial orthotic laboratory.

    Part of the role will also include regular mentoring sessions with Matthew and the senior leaders.

    South East Podiatry also partners with its very own commercial orthotic lab, Premium Orthotics, to provide the highest quality orthoses. As a team member you will have access to the inner working of orthotic manufacture on a digital platform using the latest in 3d scanning technology, our own line of off the shelf orthoses and more.

    The position is exceptionally well remunerated with your own vehicle provided for both personal and business use. Profit sharing and equity buy in will be made available to the right candidate once established!
    It is initially a 12 month contract of employment with a view to extend. I would encourage any considering the position to also heavily consider relocating to the town of Warragul to minimize travel.

    If this appeals to you do not hesitate as the position will fill fast. Forward any queries or applications to:


    Look forward to hearing from you!

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