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looking for verone (I think)

Discussion in 'General Issues and Discussion Forum' started by Lizzy1so, Sep 10, 2010.

  1. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

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    When i was training at university we used Ottoform and also another product, i think it was called verone, it would create a very flexible form often finer and thinner end product than ottoform. i have been unable to source it myself does anyone still use it and if so where can i get it
  2. Verone is a dental impression material, try dental suppliers- they may have stopped making it as most dentists now use more modern impression materials.
  3. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    thank you, see you next week
  4. twirly

    twirly Well-Known Member


    I order my vitrile gloves from a dental supplier & although I have just looked through their catalogue & cannot find Verone among the impression materials they may be able to tell you if it's still available. Their link: Dental Sky
  5. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    not seen verone (G or RS) for over 25 years. Product was made by Bayer (Healthcare) but went out of fashion with pods with the discovery of otoform (werth) putty for casting inside the ear.

    The fluid silicone technique advocated by Coats the Black was very expensive and tricky to master. The final devices had strong elastic memory but proved too costly to use as serial orthoses.

  6. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    Thanks toeslayer. I remember that Verone is quite fiddly but i liked the results, some of my clients find ottoform too rigid and do not tolerate it. I wonder if there is another product similar to verone and softer than ottoform
  7. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    Its the reagent (catalyst) which determines the finished elesticity (not the putty) All reagents are interchangable and you can use verone reagent on otoform if you like. I measured the modulus of elasticity on various mixes with a JJ machine and found Otoform putty with Podiaform reagent (Footman) the best combination. It had the necessary physical properties for toe props as well as the best patient "feel good" quality.

    I contacted a dental eleastomer company and they were most helpful with information on chemical mixes etc.

  8. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    Thanks toeslayer, i had no idea of the interchangeablility of reagents. Will give it a go, and hopefully improve compliance. Is it setting time different for each reagent?
  9. Cameron

    Cameron Well-Known Member


    more or less but the setting times are not that different +/- minute
    The podiaform reagent is the right size tube to set off the otoform container whereas the otoform reagent is not, I asked werth about this and it was becauso there is absolutely no wastee at one time the reagent tube was fitted into the lid of the tub

    good luck
    ps You can mix old putty with new putty so there is no waste.

  10. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    Great, this forum is a wealth of knowledge, thanks
  11. Graham

    Graham RIP

    I remember Verone when I was in Leicester. I found mixing verone with ottoform made, for me, a far more durable and flexible device than ottoform alone. Memories!!

    That was 25 yrs ago:eek:
  12. toughspiders

    toughspiders Active Member

    I seem to remember someone on here saying they mixed the otoform with baby oil to make a softer orthotic...???
  13. MJJ

    MJJ Active Member

    One of my suppliers has a couple of different products but I haven't tried them so I don't know how they are to work with. They have Copsil GES-30 & GES-40, and Siportho 20 & 35.
  14. kitos

    kitos Active Member

    Hi Lizzy,

    Try Bland Rose if you are looking for somethng softer. I think they do that in 2 different versions... one soft and the other around Otoform hardness. You can get it from AC Medical or some others.

    Best wishes
  15. Lizzy1so

    Lizzy1so Active Member

    thanks nick, i have seen bland rose advertised and will give it a go.
  16. Lizz:
    As Nick says, Bland Rose is much softer. But I also think that it is a bit harder to work with B-R because its stickier when compared to otoform. You will probably need a bit of practice before being able to use it comfortably with patients but you will be able to get orthoses that you wouln't get with otoform.

    On the matter of putty hardnesses, I recently found out that the manufacturer of B-R has quite a range of hardnesses actually. They have from shore A 2 to shore A 30. With two intermediate products at shore A 6 and 15. I have only tried the Shore A2 and Shore A6, for harder I go back to otoform because its cheaper.

    Hope it helps.


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